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Barbara Yung's life in England

11-1-2018 Barbara's new gravestone

5-1-2017 Barbara taking part in Hong Kong Star synchronized gymnastics (video)

2-12-2017 Rob visiting Cambridge

15-10-2017 Kent Tong, Michael Miu and talking about Barbara (subtitled)

5-11-2017 Actor Kenneth Tsang talking about Barbara

9-10-2017 One item of Barbara's pottery which has never been shown before (thanks to Andrew).

6-9-2017 A lot of publicity in media about the efforts to find a new place for Barbara's old tombstone

14-7-2017 Finding a new place for Barbara's old tombstone

1-7-2017 Report of my visit to Cambridge in june 2017. Including unique pictures of Barbara and her art work, pictures that have never been published before.

26-5-2017 Why became the 1983 version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" a classic? A documentary in the serie "Classic legend" broadcasted on 20170510 by Jiangxi network radio and television.( 《經典傳奇》 20170510 83版《射鵰英雄傳》因何成為經典 ~ 江西網路廣播電視台)

17-1-2017 Barbara's mother has passed away, she was 91 years old.


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