Ask parents to be tolerate Date: Nov. 1973

Beloved Uncle Tang and mother,

How are you? I have received the letter and money from mother. Before we got the letter, me and uncle were extremely nervous, restless and impatient. The enormous uneasiness and worries in our minds were like a dead knot that couldn't untie. We feel relieved when we got the letter. However, like the letter, mother's distress and anxieties were sent to us as well. Reading the letter is just like seeing mother's gaunt face. We are very sad about it. However, we are not able to console and help you around. I wish I can console mother by writing several short lines (a short letter). Hopefully, you are not annoyed by those trivial matters and be happy again.

Though something happened this time caused you and Uncle (Tang) worry all the time, hesitated and frustrated, I hope no matter what happens, you should not have any conflict with Uncle Tang. Nevertheless, you and uncle Tang should always help each other, support each other and take counsel with one another, because whatever fortune or possessions you have, one day they will not belong to you. Only the precious affection and love never change (last forever), as they (affection and love) will bring eternal happiness to you. In time of trouble, you and uncle Tang should be patient and put heads together to talk over about it. Don't just get mad and irritable. Angry and irritability will not help. As is said, with anxious mind, you can't find tactics. What is more, you know Uncle Tang does care about you very much. Sometimes he lost his temper because he had some annoyance. He didn't intend to hurt you. Try not to fight with him. everything will be all right later on. In this dog-eat-dog world, you ought to be cautious in all matters. As is said, human feelings are as thin as paper, therefore, uncle Tang, you have to be careful with everything, and counsel with mother more often because we all hope you will be doing well.

That is it, mother, I understand you. However, I can only comfort you from far away. Please forgive it (for not being around you to console you). You and uncle should take care of your bodies. Don't hurt your health. Only a few simple wishes, but it is from bottom of my heart.


Wish you happy and healthy!



From Barbara

Nov. 1973

 (Thank you Melanie for this translation)









祝 生活愉快! 身體健康!


女兒 囡囡上


From Barbara








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barbara liked to play mahjong all night. me too !!
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haha,barbara enjoyed play mahjong
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"soipow" mean small breast in cantonese
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