Dear mommy & uncle,

   When you receive this letter, I believe it is already mid-autumn festival. Uncle, have you started eating moon cake yet? Whenever I tell my friends our record of eating moon cake, they will laugh! I really miss you all much during these holidays, & I hope that mommy takes everything easy. Please don't be overwhelmed & don't worry too much. Take good care, since health is the most important. Indeed, uncle & I love you very much. Also, I am really doing fine, don't worry about me!

   I am quite busy recently. I even need to attend classes during Monday to Friday from 7-10:30pm. One special thing is that I will participate in a drama next month. It's called "The 13th sister". I will portray as a cunning princess & will work with Wong Kun Sha (the 13th sister). I am very happy, since TVB gives me this opportunity. I heard that if I have good performance, I will have chance to work for "The Legend of Condor Hero". Therefore, it is a valuable chance for me, I hope that I can try my best.

   Enclosed are my recent pictures. How's my ancient appearance? I took these pictures as gifts to my fans, indeed, some of my fans are from China! I will send more pictures to you when I take pictures as princess next time. Many magazines take pictures for me, & I write ten essays for XXX.  However, my relationship with X newspaper is not that good, so it seldom mentions my news. Nevertheless, everything is fine, & hope that it gets even smoother later. So don't worry about me.

    Mommy asked if I can take vacation to come back to UK. I think I need to wait until next year during summer. Thus, if mommy wants to come to HK, go ahead. If not, I need to wait until next year to visit you. I really miss you all! However, I just start my life here, so it's hard for me to put things aside. Hope that you can understand me, mommy & uncle, take good care!

    Wish you happy!

Love, Lui Lui

( Remark: No date associated, 02/10/1982 Mid-Autumn Festival (16th day of the 8th month), this letter was written just before this period. The XXX magazine is probably Mingpao Weekly, were she wrote a Christmas article for).


 每逄佳節倍思親~無發信日期 Missing parents much during holiday







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