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Liu Chun-Hung started his career under the stage name of Junxiong. After graduating from the eighth training class for artists in 1979, he has made many dramas. Among them, the most familiar one is Hu Yizhao, the "big grain ink" in the master of heaven. He has many rival dramas with Weng Meiling and Miao Qiaowei. Tao Dayu, Wu Qihua, Wu Junru, Wu Zhenyu, Liu Qingyun, etc. are still playing in the same era . Later, Liu Chun-Hung took part in many dramas, including Genghis Khan, Xue Rengui's expedition to the East, Tiandi Man'er and so on, but the development was mediocre until he decided to leave in 1997. Liu Chun-Hung himself plans to develop in Malaysia like ou Ruiwei, Wu Ruiting and others. He did not expect that the financial crisis would hit the entertainment industry in Malaysia. Instead, he did not want to go back to wireless, but changed his career to find another way out. Liu Chun-Hung turned crisis into opportunity and opened a nightstand shop. At first, his business was good and he made 200000 yuan a month. Later, he rented a bigger shop and planned to expand it. Unexpectedly, his business plummeted, and eventually he defaulted on nearly one million debts and became a victim of negative equity.

He was in debt, first worked in a trading company, then set up his own business in the mainland, and finally paid off all the debts. Liu Chun-Hung thinks that even if he works hard, he has to continue to do it because he has to support a family of four. Until his child grew up, he planned to return to Hong Kong to enjoy his life. However, his friends invited him to make micro movies and perform in many movies and online dramas. In an interview with the media, he said, "I started my career when I was 17 years old. All my friends are in this circle, so it's good to see them again. "Junxiong, 61, with white hair and white beard, is unexpectedly" murderous ". On the contrary, he plays the role of underworld very well.

Liu Chun-Hung has been working as an environmental carpenter in recent years. It's very meaningful for him to rebuild the discarded wood into useful furniture. Instead of relying on his father's shadow, Liao Jiajue joined the training class for artists last year and joined wireless for a short time. However, he has performed in many dramas, most of which are ancient puzzlers. He is trying to learn from his performance experience. Liu Chun-Hung expects Jiajue to make his own way.







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