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100,000 Hours Rehearsal Behind-the-scenes interview with Ms. Weng Meiling

During the rehearsal of "100,000 Hours", Ms. Weng Meiling was so exhausted that she couldn't breathe.
Her eyes were drooping.

"Last night, I went with a group of friends from Singapore for dinner and a late night snack, and even went to a disco. I didn't go to bed until after 3am, and I had to come back to the rehearsal at 8am this morning."

Although she was tired, she didn't have any dark circles under her eyes and her eyes are still very bright.

"I'm lucky. Look at Cheng Siu-chiu, he's suffering from stomach problems. I'm just suffering from nervousness and intermittent headaches."
After three years in the entertainment industry, Weng Meiling is still in a state of uncertainty, especially when she has a new drama coming out. She was so nervous that she couldn't even sleep.

"If I don't have confidence, I can't even deliver half of my lines. I remember when I was playing Huang Rong, I know many people looked at me like 'look at you! I knew that many people would look at me with the feeling of 'how bad you are', so my confidence told me that I was 'not bad'. So I told myself, "I can't do it", and I had to work hard to prove that I could do it. I don't regret it, I didn't sacrifice myself, how can I achieve anything?"

She recalls that she had not attended any training classes when she first started in the industry. The girls ignored her, and she suffered a lot.

"I was like an 'interloper' and many people would say I was too short to take up the banner. I was really miserable at that time, and I had no one to talk to, so I went home and cried my eyes out with a pillow."

She says she thinks of her mother and uncle in England when she's feeling down.

"But I was quite independent and I didn't bother my mum, so when I was young I would talk to my uncle if I was unhappy. Then I went to university. When I was at university, I was at London University,  my mum lived in Cambridge, so I only went back to see her on Sundays. My mother had a fish and chip shop in Cambridge and I could cook everything in the shop. My uncle and mother thought I was too short to do it, so I went up to the cooker and showed them what I could do, so they knew I could do it without them."

She has a boyish streak in her, but in the entertainment industry, she has another idea.

"The newly-formed girls are very aggressive, but I'm different because I'm not 18 anymore, or when I was younger I would have got carried away. But nowadays, I think differently. In this circle, if you give up a little bit, someone will take over your position tomorrow, and who will pity you if you fall from the top? So, don't let the wind blow you away when you're popular."

Everyone in the industry says that Weng Meiling is lucky to be in such a heavy role.

"Who knows what will happen to me when I hurt my eye or sprained my back? If I go blind or become a cripple, it's all over. It's the most realistic circle."

She says she never thought she could act: "I'm very shy, so I'll never be an emcee or a host,"

She says, "I graduated that year, and after working for half a year I wanted to go back to Hong Kong. You know, life in the UK is very stable, and Hong Kong is the easiest place to seize the opportunity to develop. I liked the idea of making a go of it, so I flew back alone, joined a beauty pageant, entered the entertainment industry... The fortune-teller said I'd be rich in business." She smiles. "But don't think too far ahead yet, I've got a four-year contract."

It was reported that she likes to play mahjong, Taiwanese mahjong, and that the stakes are very high.

"I used to play mahjong a lot in the early days because it was a good way to spend my time. I don't have a high hand, but I have good luck and I win a lot. I didn't play a lot of poker, but I had a good hand and won a lot. I was afraid that my fans would misunderstand me."

The last time she appeared on stage in Singapore, her fans gave her a lot of dolls, which filled up a suitcase and cost her more than $1,000 in luggage fees.

She also has two large photos at home, which were taken by a boy himself. A boy took, developed, and framed the pictures. She had two large pictures taken, framed, and she had two large pictures at home, which a boy had taken, framed and sent to her in person at the TV station.

"It's very satisfying." She writes letters to fans, some of them from out of town.

She recently got a new haircut and was afraid that fans wouldn't accept it.

"This is a very short haircut, like a boy's haircut, but it's a fair world. There are 50 people who like you, and 50 people who hate you. I used to try my best to please everyone, but now I'm not so stupid "

"I thought it was really boring and funny, so I grabbed those magazines and showed them to Chi. Later, I found out that Chi had been angry about it and I even looked it up I thought she would understand, so I continued to chaperone with Michael Miu."

She was working with a group of mostly male actors and actresses, and her personality was foreign. They didn't think she was a girl, they were like brothers...

"So what makes Kent better than you?"

"I don't know." "Probably better at making soup than me!" She grinned.


source: http://www.barbarayung.net/ (Ming Pao Weekly NO.857)










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