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Relieved to see that the first serie of "The Legend of the Eagle" has come to an end.

[ Interview with Yawang]
"The first series of "Legend of the Eagle Hero" has come to an end. The lead actress of the series, Ms. Weng Meiling is relieved to see that the first phase of "The Legend of the Eagle" has ended, with ratings reaching 99%. There is still some time to go before the second series is released. The cast worked day and night, going on location in the morning and filming in the afternoon at the factory in Kennedy Town.

It's not easy to find her, as she has recently installed telephone recording. so she is not bothered by those nuisance calls from unknown sources, and she is the one who always calls back.

It was only in the eighth episode of the first series that she appeared, and she was very nervous that night.
"Why are you so nervous?" I asked. .

She nodded, "I'd be surprised if I wasn't nervous! I wanted to know what the audience thought of my performance. I want to know if the audience will be impressed with my performance, and if they will accept my image as Wong Yung!"

After the broadcast, the response she received was much better than bad, so she breathed a sigh of relief!
"Can we get it back now?"

"Who says it's possible? There's still the second and third stage, and the second half of the play is very difficult. I don't know if it's going to be a real hit or not!"

Since the filming of "The Legend of the Eagle", she has lost more than 10 pounds. This is partly due to the hard work and partly due to the mental pressure.
She now looks as if she has shrunk.

"The first thing I want to do after finishing this drama is to get a good night's sleep!"

There have been many rumours about her since she started working on the film, most of which were unfavourable to her, such as posing as a sister, throwing scripts in anger and so on.... Once, it was even said by Xie Xian that she often threw her script to the ground during a video recording, and she even said that she had a bad temper. But when the author asked her about this, she just said, "I don't want to explain, and I don't have to!"

"But it's bad for your reputation. You can't just listen to one side of the story, it's not fair to you, right?"

"When I joined this circle, no, when I was offered the role of Wong Yung, I already knew it. I knew when I got the role of Huang Rong that I was going to take on a big challenge. It's not just about acting, it's about dealing with all the pressure," she says in a breath. "And I don't say anything about the criticism of others. Naturally, those who understand will understand. But if not, it's useless to explain!"

It's not that Tse Yin is making something out of nothing, it's just that from the many encounters I've had with her, I've always found her to be easy-going and not like the type of artist who poses for money. Perhaps there was a gap because she was too young and did not know how to handle the world, and there was too much of a gap between her and Tse Yin. Some people in her circle say that she is sweet enough, but unfortunately she speaks with a slurred tongue, just like Wong Yat-wah before he cut his tongue. When she heard my question,

she said, "This is a bad habit that I have had for many years, or I can say that I was born with it. But I have tried my best to tell the truth."

Although she had to take on challenges from all sides, she was happy that she was able to speak clearly.  She is happy to be playing opposite her idol, Wong Yat-wah.

"In fact, I can't say that I am an idol. When I was a student in the UK, I already loved to watch Wong Yat Wah act!"

"When I was in England?"

"Yes! When I was in the UK I had some TV programmes recorded by my family and sent to me in the UK."

"Which of Wah's dramas do you like?"

"The Passenger, I remember it the most."

"And now you're best friends."

"Yeah! It's amazing, I never thought about it back then. I didn't mean to slap Wah"

"What do you think of Wah?"

"It's funny, he's... He's still a big boy. We like to sit and chat together during our breaks."

"You're a couple in the film, you're together day and night. Are you afraid that Wah's girlfriend will be jealous?"

"Ha, yes, Wah treats me more than he treats his girlfriend. But they have a good relationship."

"You don't have to be jealous either!" She didn't reply!

Although she and Kent Tong have drawn a clear line between them, saying that they are good friends and have not yet entered into a relationship, they are very close, and Kent Tong in particular is very protective of her. Recently, in one of the scenes of "The Legend of the Eagle", Weng Meiling had to give Wong Yat Wah a slap in the face, and Wah had to suffer a lot for this scene.

"I didn't mean to do it! I thought he would avoid it, but he didn't even move and let me slap him!"

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