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There are no friends in the television industry

Two weeks before her sudden death, Weng Meiling was interviewed by a journalist about her "challenging" role as a "granny".

"I don't believe it, all grannies have to be loud!" she said with a sullen appeal.

"Do you get a lot of criticism from the outside world?" I asked her.

"It's hard to say, of course I feel bad. But forget it! But it's always about this and that, with no constructive suggestions. I don't mind being criticised, but after a round of criticism, at least I'll know how to correct it!"

"Will this put pressure on you to act in fashion dramas in the future?"

"Maybe the company won't cast me in fashion shows in the future. I'll be a costume person for the rest of my life!" She laughed a little.

"What about Kent's opinion?"

"I didn't ask him for his opinion. When we're together, we rarely talk about business, and when we do, it's even more annoying!"

"What's bothering you?"

"Of course, we work during the day, so when we have a break, we want to relax and not think about work. If I have to substitute my work for my life or I'll get a nervous breakdown sooner or later."

Speaking of the mind, I feel that she is emotionally unstable these days. I don't know if it's the work pressure or the emotional distress.

"I don't know, sometimes it's like Alan's lyrics ...... I don't know."

"You should be very content!"

"Maybe everyone thinks that way!"

"Where is Kent?"

"he's always scolding me, he's going to get stuck in a corner!"

"Do you agree with Kent?"

"I don't know, but there are a lot of things you really need to think through. I used to be so confused that I didn't know that the person I was with, hated me. I thought he was my best friend, but I was a big fool!"

Growing up in a foreign country, Weng Meiling's way of expressing herself to people and things was frank and honest, but in this circle, she had to keep herself to herself because of the number of times she ran into nails.

"I'm learned not to tell people what I think now. It's a way to protect myself."

Weng Meiling's honesty has not given her many friends in the television industry, especially close friends. She doesn't have any close friends in the television industry, especially those who are close to her heart.

"She has no friends in TV, especially close friends."  This is Weng Meiling's experience, and her final conclusion on how she looks at people in the industry.

Source: Hong Kong's "Weng Meiling Memorial Album

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