Weng Meiling: Needless to ask the past!

She said that when you fall in love, you should be more romantic, because this is fun. A bunch of flowers and a card represent a heart. but…………

The first time I met Weng Meiling was at the Miss Hong Kong reception last year. At that time, she gave me the impression: beautiful, talkative and friendly.

When I asked her for an interview this time, she told her to talk about career and love. She smiled and said, "Do I have one?" The smile was still kind and beautiful.

Weng Meiling believes that her acting skills are still very young, and she is constantly exploring and learning. She only hopes that the audience can accept her so that her career as an artist will not be hit.

She seemed to lack confidence in herself.

“Nothing. If the audience doesn't accept it, they won't be able to survive, but I have tried my best. The "Thirteen Sisters" has been broadcasted, and the "Shooting the Eagle" is in the air. I don't know if my performance has been accepted by others. drop.”

Weng Meiling didn’t come out of the training class. She didn’t learn any acting skills when she was a child, let alone martial arts, so she was reused by the company. She played Huang Rong. She was a test of genius. Fortunately, "Thirteen Sisters" reacted. Not bad, it can be regarded as a strong needle for Weng Meiling.

However, she added: "It's quite another matter to play Huang Rong. "Thirteen Sisters" belong to a group drama, and the princess Diaoman has a very simple character. For those who are new to acting, she also finds it easier to master; "Shooting the Eagles"| The plot is very concentrated on the heroes and heroines. Huang Rong has a very diverse personality. In short, I feel a great psychological burden."

“Does the director, producer, etc. provide guidance?”

“They will try their best, but they are rushing to the show every day, the time is rushed, and they can't teach much, so they have to explore on their own. I feel that as of now, I am still not invested enough.”

The author asked her if she played Huang Rong a gamble? She nodded repeatedly, because success or failure had a great influence on her. Weng Meiling used to study textile design, but now her career is acting. There seems to be little relationship between the two, but she doesn’t think what she learned is wasted, because she can usually use her choice of clothes, fabrics and home furnishings. Use what you have learned.

"If there is no achievement in acting, or I have to re-do textile design!" She said jokingly. But she didn't want to retreat, but hoped to learn more skills, such as singing and dancing, so as to help herself become an excellent artist.

Okay, let’s talk about love!

"Maybe girls are always shy. When Weng Meiling heard this question, she smiled and said, "The past is meaningless, but as for the future, I have no way of knowing it." There was no way to comment, but I had to change my tone. , Asked her what she wanted from her boyfriend.

She pondered for a moment, and then said, "The most important thing is to have similar interests. I also agree with each other when I talk, but I have a good relationship and it shouldn't be difficult to get along with."

Weng Meiling said that she had been dating at a very young age (probably beautiful girls would be like this), but after she went to the UK, her family did not like to hire foreigners as son-in-laws, and she wanted to concentrate on studying, so she had been in the UK for eight years. Can be added to her love history.

Now that she is back in Hong Kong, what does she think?

“I can't know about the relationship in advance, but when I was young, I felt that career should be the most important thing. When I get married in the future, if my husband doesn't want me to work, I can give up career for him.”

“Some people think that giving flowers is very old fashioned, but Weng Meiling thinks it is "sentiment." She said: "Men and women are not romantic when dating, and when everything is realistic after marriage, it is even more boring.”

Therefore, she believes that a bunch of flowers and a card represent a heart, and even many people think that the nasty phrase "I love you", she said: "When you need it most, the other party honestly said This sentence is very useful in my heart."

In fact, every girl likes to hear her boyfriend say such things, but few people are willing to tell others frankly like Weng Meiling.

So beautiful and kind, she adds a bit of heartiness.

-Lai Er-

Translated by Google translate

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/u/1747284320

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