19830122 underwater shoot


In the cold weather, when she was filming a diving game, Weng Meiling’s announcement almost scared to faint.

Hong Kong Business & Industry Daily reported 83.1.22.

         Weng Meiling and Chen Dick are currently shooting a diving shot at Saigon Beach. Due to the poor shooting effect, Wong Mei-ling ordered a remake. Weng Meiling heard about this and was almost shocked yesterday. As the temperature has dropped, it is estimated that the weather today is not It will warm up and take a dive under this weather. It is not surprising that it is not frozen. Therefore, when it was received an announcement yesterday, the church was scared to be green.

        It was reported that when shooting a dive scene in Saigon the day before, it might be dark, so the effect was very poor. The staff of “The Eagle Shooting Heroes” said to Weng Meiling after the film was cut that the film could not be used because she was at sea and In the water battle, they are like chickens, and if broadcasted, they must scare the audience.

        Weng Meiling learned that she must make a remake today. Yesterday, the staff of the company told the staff to remember to bring brandy wine. When returning to the shore from the sea, one would drink a large bottle of wine and warm it up.

        At present, the "Ejection" has been in the shoot, probably between April and May, and Weng Meiling said that when she first started shooting, she felt very hard. If she was photographed in April or May, I believe it must be shaped. ""

On January 22 of this year, which is the coldest day in the winter, our colleagues were eager to follow the original plan and go out shooting.

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