Everyone knows that Kent Tong treats his girlfriend gentle and with care. If not, Barbara Yung's heart (re: Picture) will not be deprived by Kent Tong so quickly.

However, in the view of Barbara Yung, Kent Tong does not treat his girlfriend with care. He has got a strange temper and does not know how to be tactful.

Barbara Yung complains about Kent Tong and told the journalist:

“People may think he looks very gentle or people may think I am unkind and always treats him badly. Indeed, when he becomes anger, he is the most frightening man. Besides, he likes to speak bluntly to everyone even to me. He always likes to stop my talking. I do not have chance to talk to anyone.“

In spite of their quarrelling, their relationship does still stands. Barbara understands that Kent is a super-macho man, she adepts herself using soft skills to deal with his strong attitude.
Barbara said: “Every man is macho. His macho attitude will not affect our relationship. In fact, he treats me well. We get on well with each other. So, we need to compromise each other’s disadvantages.”

Thanks to Kitty for this article and the translation.

香港工商日報, 1983-10-22

香港 :香港工商日報;



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