On March 25, 1984, the Overseas Chinese Daily reported.

A few days ago, police officers had entered the wireless search for Weng Meiling because she had been drawn as a jury member but she did not attend and did not inform the relevant parties that she did not attend. This move appeared to be contempt of the court. The parties hoped her Explanation.

        Yesterday, Weng Meiling returned to wireless makeup and talked about matters. She said that she was not in Hong Kong at all (she went to Singapore) and she had not received a notification. She did not know that this was the case. And she did not understand why she was so "lucky" that she was drawn, but Mark Six did not see her as a lieutenant.

        After he returned from the stage, Weng Meiling has been resting. The photo crisis has come to an end. In early April, she will participate in the production of the new drama “Rusty Bridge King” produced by Qiu Jiaxiong. The new drama is her collaboration with Miao Qiaowei. The two are already meeting three times.

        Weng Meiling laughed: When she met with Miao Qiaowei, Miao Qiaowei always pointed to her and said, "It's you again!" She is often arranged to cooperate. She even finds herself interesting.


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​ 日前,曾有警方人员进入无线找寻翁美玲,原因是她被抽中担任陪审团团员,但没有出席,也没有知会有关方面说不出席,此举似有藐视法庭之嫌,有关方面希望她解释。




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