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Although Yung Mei Ling is Catholic, she also follows the tradition of the Chinese worship ceremony  

Newspaper Name:  工商晚報

Date: 1984年3月2日

Although Yung Mei Ling is Catholic, she also follows the tradition of the Chinese worship ceremony before the start of filming a new TV-serie. She joins in burning an incense stick and prays for blessing. She believe God is understanding and she thinks it will disappoint people or will isolate her if she doesn't join in. Yung Mei Ling was baptized when she was a child, she is a convinced Catholic. She said that if religion is followed just for window dressing, it is just a trick in which you only cheat yourself. To God, we must be sincere and follow Gods will. So, she thinks burning an incense stick is just a respect to the other religion. She says that wanting to live together in peace will please God.

(The above part of this article was also published on this date in The Kung Sheung Daily News)

Although a story of “The Fearless Duo” is not real, Yung Mei Ling had a Singapore friend who can see dead people and she was married and has a child.  Even though her friend has seen many ghosts, she is still scares occasionally.  Her ability worries her family members.  So, Yung Mei Ling prays to God that she will not have this ability. 

(Thanks to Kitty for the translation and article)

(The part that is related to the story content of "“The Fearless Duo” is not translated)

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