Yung Meiling was a beginner with playing the Mahjong but her fortune is quite good. She can win even from a Mahjong master.

As Yung Meiling plays in many TV shows, she does not have uch free leisure time. If she does not have to work at night, she invites a group of friends to come her new house to play Mahjong.

Yung Meiling is a moody girl. Sometimes, she sit thinking alone in the room but she will be active and smiles when she faced a group of people. She will not allow her emotion to affect the mood of other's.

Moving into a Broadbcast drive's new house, Yung Meiling felt that it is much more convenient. Apart from saving more time to be on and off work, she can take many chances to have a casual talk with her colleagues. It can be said that "She is not bored anymore". In the evening, playing Mahjong is her main amusement activity. The Mahjong players include Felix Wong, Kent Tong, Michael Miu and Chan Dick Hark etc.

Others will admire her as she would win the game even her skill is not good. Yung Meiling said that she won a lot of money when she moved into this new house. This house must have good Feng Shui so that’s why she won a lot of money.

(Thanks to Kitty for finding and translating this article)



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