Yung Mei Ling travelled for ten days with her nominal sister to Singapore and Malaysia.  When she returns to Hong Kong she starts with a new TV series "The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung".

Yung Mei Ling said that she bumped into Andy Lau and Felix Wong during the trip.  They both were performing in a show on stage.  She attended their show in the audience.  During the show, they asked her to come up to the stage but she refused as she did not had done any rehearsals.

Originally, she planned to travel with her nominal sister from Singapore to Thailand for vacation.  However, the flight was full so she missed the chance to go Thailand and just stayed in Singapore.

Yung Mei Ling said that on the date of Ghost Festival they went to Casino De Genting to gamble.  When she sat at the gambling table, she suddenly wanted to bet on number 14.  Unfortunately, she did not have any chips to play gambling.  The result was number 14.  "Missed out on a fortune" She sighed.

When she was in Singapore, the local people would call her Huang Rong when they met her.  In disco, a man had a gamble with others that she was Yung Mei Ling and invited her to dance with him.  If Yung Mei Ling accepted his invitation, the man would win SGD1,000 from his friends.  Yung Mei Ling did not accept his invitation.  She just gave her autograph so he could prove he correctly recognised her.

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)



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