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When Yung Mei Ling returned from Kuala Lumpur there was no message that she is needed to participate in a new TV series.  Therefore she is flying today to the United Kingdom to visit her mother.  She will stay there approximately 10 days. 

She said that Tong Chun Yip will not accompany her as he is  busy with his TV series “The fortune of each one is predestined”.

From the 5 years contract with TVB that Yung Mei Ling sighed, she has completed two and half years.  In these years she participated in television drama’s playing in the late Qin and early Republic time’s or the China Ancient times’.  Only “The Man in the Middle” is a modern drama television series.  She expressed that all of these television dramas are arranged by TVB. Whatever the drama is, she is pleased to perform in them. But she prefers dramas from the late Qin and early Republic’s time.

 (thanks to Kitty for sending me this article and translating it)


香港工商日報, 1984-06-07

香港 : 香港工商日報; 1984-06-07

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