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The warmth of my TV fans had melted me:

Screen Idol" magazine issue#4, published on 8th March, 1984

迷"。 说真的,我一向做梦也不敢想像搞什么影迷会,一来是当之有愧,二来是怕被人

I cannot believe I actually have to organize my fans club. Such a mundane
girl like me, it is difficult to understand how someone can become my fans.
Honestly, I dare not dream to set up a fans club, as I don't deserve it,
and secondly the fear of being misunderstood as being too "arrogant/swagger."


Being a fledgling actress, how can I be an idol like others?
However, fans are really too warm like my little sister. They can wait for half
a day outside the door of television station, for the pleasure of seeing just a
glimpse of myself and a chance to sign an autograph.
They have thoughtfully cut down all my photos from all the magazines, neatly
affixed them carefully in an album, this is simply my personal own record!
They also call me up late at midnight , telling how very well I have done in
that evening's drama .


Within this whole year, continue communicating with these fans, meet ups, phone chats,
the mutual feeling grows. Gradually, I stopped treating them as my fans,
and see them as a group of my new friends who know and appreciate me. Finally, I was
impressed by their enthusiasm, and agreed to set up a fan club. But, I still do
not want them to see me as an idol, I just want to be their friends too, get together
every year to engage in several activities, having some fun together is sufficient.
Regarding the five-year contract with TVB, many of my friends have expressed surprise,
shouting "Are you kidding?" Yes, five years is really not a short period and I have
made a careful consideration.


Since the terms of the company's offer is not bad, and it is also the company's
initiative, I find it a bit difficult to refuse. Therefore, I have decided to accept it,
for the peace of mind to stay in a colorful career through another five years. In
fact, I am looking forward to be in movies for a long time. There
are also many film-makers contacted me regarding filming, but were all rejected by
the company(TVB). Of course, this is well-intentioned. The company is concerned there
could be schedule conflicts, and the selection of the movie script for fear of
tarnishing my image. I agree to the company's point of view, so I had been patiently
waiting for a long time.

Reference: http://www.barbarayung.net/pencraft/list07.html

Additional information:

There was a mention that the article appeared on "Screen Idol" magazine issue#4, published on 8th March, 1984". I couldn't locate the exact front cover of that issue, but there are front covers of some issues for your reference, all with Barbara on them.

 Screen Idol Magazine

This article was probably published by request of the the magazine. These requested articles, if published, the author will be paid some amount of money according to the total number of Chinese characters. That's why you would often see column of "square cells" on paper on which the draft of these articles were written, so the words can easily be counted. Barbara only wrote a total of less than ten articles so she was certainly not a keen writer.

Did Barbara have a fan club?

In march 1984, Barbara went on a show trip to Singapore and Thailand. When she was back, it was reported that she attended a meeting of with her fans from the fan club. This is the first proof that the fans club exists in 1984.

The picture below was taken at the inauguration ceremony of her fan club.

Fan Club Inauguration

On 9th February 2006 in Hong Kong,"Yung Mei Ling's fans club was regrouped 22 years after her death".

fan club

(Thanks to eblc2006 for the translation and for providing the additional information.)


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9 years ago
"Screen Idol" magazine issue #4 --->
http://www.barbarayung.net/photo/PHOTO13/m054.jpg http://www.barbarayung.net/photo/PHOTO13/m055.jpg

On 9th ^Dec^ 2006 in Hong Kong,"Yung Mei Ling's fans club was regrouped ^21^ years after her death".
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9 years ago
Rob, why don't you go to Barbara Yung home
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9 years ago
I don't know which home to go to.
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9 years ago
I heard that her home in HK that she used to live in is now haunted so many are afraid to go there.
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