It was reported on February 19th 1985 that Yung Mei Ling's performance in "Legend Of The General Who Never Was" and "The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain" was cancelled because of the shooting challenges. Yung Mei Ling had a lack of confidence and was tired of shooting fashion dramas. 

Remarks: For the TV-serie Snow Mountain Flying Fox  in which star Ray Lui 呂良偉 , Wan Ziliang and newcomer Deng Cuiwen. Yung Mei Ling should have had the role of Deng Cuiwen. Snow Mountain Flying Fox was originally scheduled to star with Andy Lau, and was later changed to Lu Liangwei. At this time during the New Year, Yung Mei Ling's mood was already very bad and she was twice approached by Ho Kar Luen to resign.


Legend Of The General Who Never Was: 1985年万梓良主演TVB电视剧



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TVB series The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1985 01





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