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Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao 1985-5-18

God's improper suicide
She did not commit suicide before
Our reporter Li Huifen

What exactly is suicide?

This issue has recently aroused widespread discussion in the Catholic diocese of Hong Kong, because Weng Meiling was classified as a "suspected murder" by the police, and her funeral decided to adopt a Catholic ceremony. According to the Catholic canon, believers are not allowed to commit suicide. If a believer commits suicide, he will be automatically disqualified as a believer. Therefore, he cannot use Catholic ceremonies for funerals and burial in Catholic cemeteries.

Catholic Hong Kong Diocese spokesperson Yang Mingzhang explained that Weng Meiling’s funeral was allowed to be a Catholic ceremony, saying that Weng Meiling’s funeral had been notified to the Central Secretariat of the Diocese. After research, he believed that Weng Meiling’s death could not be regarded as suicide, so he approved Weng Meiling’s funeral.

He went on to say that although Weng Meiling’s mood changes when she died, no one knows, but according to news from the newspaper, she had called Tang Zhenye, but Tang Zhenye did not answer the phone, and she called a friend surnamed Zou, but that friend was out of reach. And into. So it's hard to prove that she was begging to die from beginning to end. Or she wanted to change her mind, but she was powerless.

He said that in the ecclesiastical code implemented last year, several amendments and deletions have been made to the funeral regulations. The content is: if the person is not clearly certain that the person committed suicide, the person is still a Catholic, so Catholic rituals can be used.

Under what circumstances is it considered suicide? Yang Mingzhang pointed out that the Catholic Church did not make a definite decision on this, because it depends on the circumstances of each person. Although the Catholic Church does not allow believers to be self-sufficient, but the legal principle is not outside of human favor, and it is impossible to prove that the person committed suicide. Give sympathy, and he should not be self-sufficient.

For example, he said that even if a person ends his life by hanging his neck or cutting his abdomen, he may not necessarily be self-reliant. If the person is insane and has these behaviors, it cannot be regarded as suicide because he did not intend to do so. do.

He also said that even if the person left a suicide note and declared that he was going to die, he would not necessarily be judged as self-reliance. For example, the movie star Lin Dai wrote a sentence in her suicide note: Please don't send her to a public hospital, but to a private hospital. From this sentence, we can see that she is joking, and it can also prove that she is not desperate for death, so she can still be buried in a Catholic cemetery after her death.

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Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4542243258243439

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