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This article is an interview with Barbara's mother talking about her life and opinions towards Barbara after losing her daughter. At the beginning, the author mentioned that Barbara's mother changed from an lively and active old woman to a demoralized person. It was the first time Barbara's mother disclosed the secret of Barbara's legacy in this interview as well.

Barbara's mother went to her daughter's tomb every Wednesday. She couldn't stop being heart-broken each time going there. Barbara's mother said that she really could not understand that "some people in Hong Kong reported that Barbara was not her natural child, some friends read the reports and even believed it!". The author said that after losing her beloved daughter, Barbara's mother had to use medicine to calm herself down. She, however, got muddleheaded because of overdosage.

Barbara's mother said that after Barbara passed away, she seemed to be changed to the other person. She had no interest in anything. She was looking at all old photos of Barbara and hers during the interview.

Barbara's mother said that Barbara was very excellent on all aspects as well as a very wise girl. The big mistake Barbara made in her life was that she was chasing "outstanding". Barbara's participation in "Miss Chinatown" contest was objected by her. Furthermore, Barbara also did not inform her beforehand that she took part in "Miss Hong Kong Pageant". She was travelling in Beijing at that time. After she came back home Barbara had already entered Top 15 stage. So she could not prevent her but only expected that Barbara would get back home immediately the contest completed. She could not imagine that Barbara eventually signed a five-year contract with TVB. Only after everything was done did Barbara tell her all these things. She was very surprised and told Barbara that entertainment circle was too dark for her to live in. And this concern became the fact afterwards.

Barbara's mother said that Barbara owned great talents on drawing. Barbara won a great recognition from her former boss. Barbara's mother showed a bunch of stuff, such as dresses, bed sheets, coverlets and curtains, which were wove and printed exactly by Barbara herself. All these things were still in Barbara's room in Cambridge.

Barbara's mother said that Barbara was too ambitious. She knew that she was beautiful, well-educated and fluent on both Chinese and English languages. She believed that all these talents would surely make herself outstanding. Nevertheless, in the point of view of Barbara's mother, Barbara was totally possible to get outstanding even though following her artist career path. Barbara's mother pointed to the dresses and said that those dresses were sold to "Harrods". This should be a valid proof of Barbara's potential to succeed as an artist.

Barbara's mother said that Barbara was so naive because she believed that there were no bad guys in the world. After a few years in entertainment circle, Barbara told her that she felt that there were no friends in this circle because she could not make any intimate friend there. When she felt down, all "friends" of hers just disappeared. Barbara's mother said that Barbara worked very hard to earn money but she did not know where Barbara spent them. The down payment of Barbara's house in Hong Kong was paid by her mother. Barbara was only responsible for the monthly payment of mortgage. After Barbara had gone, her mother checked her bank account, the balance was only a hundred or more HKD. Barbara's mother said that Barbara was very nice to people. Once she heard that some colleagues liked salted fish, she bought more than ten thousands HKD fish for them.

Barbara always appeared in her mother's dream. The first words she told her mother were that she was very very sorry. In the dreams of Barbara's mother, Barbara dressed differently. Once she dressed in rags, her skin became dark and the body was fat. Her mother was surprised and asked her the reason. Barbara said that she needed to work but clothes were not enough. She still let her mother not worry about her. Barbara's mother also expressed a very strong desire of how good if Barbara could work and build a family in UK.

Barbara's mother mentioned that Kent Tong only came to worship Barbara once and then he never showed up any more. Kent Tong also told journalist that he always made calls to Barbara's family, but actually he never did that.

At the end of interview, the author wrote that Barbara's mother and step father had changed their life. They had transferred the Fish and Chip shop to Barbara's uncle and aunt. Barbara's mother did not want to be involved in any worldly things since then. Barbara's step father had moved to China town in London to work for the other restaurant.

(translated by Nelson)

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