This is an episode from a programme serie called TVB Community Chest.
(TVB Community Chest is a programme that is broadcast 1 hour in a channel called TVB Classic TV Series. They show memorable shots that are saved in archives and are broadcasted according to a certain topic)

(thanks to Jenny for telling me about this video)

Global translation on the clip.
The 1st part is about Barbara's first love. Her high school sweetheart. There is a saying that the first love is unforgetable. The clip shows how they meet till the day they are separated. Barbara mentioned she meet this boy at the church. They are from the same secondary school coz the school is a co-ed school. Barbara had a crush on him and he has on her too. They became close friends and chat on the phone almost every night. One day Barbara's mom told her she has made arrangements to sent Barbara to UK for studies. Barbara was sad and she told the boy. The boy had wanted to follow Barbara to UK but his mom objected.
Eventually, the boy was send to Canada for his future studies. Barbara was surprised on how did he get to go Canada faster than her, as her application to UK was done earlier than his. The clip ends with the boy leaving Hong Kong.
Barbara was telling that she had no feelings during the break up but as soon her boyfriend entered the gate she couldn't help to start crying. Her boyfriend continued his study in Canada and Barbara went to England.

There is the part in the clip the two hosts asked Barbara how does it feels like thinking back? Around 8:00 to 9:00 minutes of the clip.

Barbara said that way back then they were still young and having someone who cares over you is something special and she did cherish that very moment. As a person grows up, the perception changes and we think on more serious commitments. Then the host said now you have a boyfriend (Barbara smiled) what would he think after seeing this clip and about you telling about your 1st love. Will he get jealous? Barbara said : I don't think he will because we have mutual respect on each other. (smiled again).

Part 2 is about Barbara's colaboration with Felix Wong, Micheal Miu, Kent Tong, Tony Leung & Lau Dan. Barbara joined the Entertain Yourself Tonight skits. The clip Barbara is holding 2 apples. The lady ask Why are you eating 2 apples since you don't like it. Barbara replied and said some doctors are cheeky and therefore eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Besides that too Barbara joins variety shows playing games. In another charity event she dresses in green for fund raising.
The last parts mentiones Barbara singing in variety shows. The following clip, Barbara wears a jacket and she says she likes to wear GUYS clothing. Therefore she hangs around in the street looking at guys fashion. But why is she with sun glasses? Barbara said : Need to, so no one can recognise me. Ok, she saw this guy wearing the shirt and ask the guy if he could give his shirt to her. The guy said sorry.... No. Yup, Barbara did say that is the 1st time she asks people in the street to give her a shirt. She finds the shirt nice but then again sometimes she'll have to shop for. Gals won't shop with me coz I go to the guys department. I buy those shirt for myself coz I find it comfortable. Love pastle colours and the bigger the better.

Next clip (Background music is Grease) Barbara says she likes more the looks of the 60's & etcs. "I love all the shirts but I can't buy all. I'm small size so when I wear baggy shirts I look bigger".
(Thanks to Rachel for the translation)

Detailed translation starting after 7.00 minutes
After they finished watching the scene at the airport, she chuckled.
The hosts commented that the story is very touching. Then asked Barbara, this is what you called first love, do you think it's successful or not?
Barbara said no, it's not successful. The problem is that at that time, both of them were very young, only in their teens. She didn't think that he is the person. Only until he is gone, she realized that he is the one for her and she started to miss him. But today she thought of him, it doesn't mean that she wants to be with him again (as boyfriend-girlfriend), just wants to see how/what he is doing right now. However they did not see each other again due to some misunderstandings between them.
The host asked her and wanted to confirm that they didn't see each other after they said goodbye at the airport.
Barbara replied that they have never seen each other again after they departed from the airport. She described that it's like the movie, "Somewhere in time", at the moment you lost him, you will forever remember him. So she thinks it is worthwhile for her to remember him.
The host asked, you have always said to the reporters, I will never find another man that is better than my first love.
Barbara acknowledged that she said it before, and the reason she said it is because she thought that the first love is very pure, she miss it so much because when they were together, it is no more than holding hands, or a quick kiss before boarding the airplane, very simple, very pure, and sentimental.
Then she said that this will not happen nowadays, because people are becoming more practical. When you are in a relationship, you think about marriage and many many more.)
(thanks to Sherry for this part of the translation )

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