Weng Meiling MISS YOU FOREVER recalls Weng Meiling’s bit by bit. Related reports. ■ your favorite Girls Hero [Author: Xiao Sheng] Web links Once, a senior government official relies evil deceptive, she was not afraid to come forward and speak about other remarks, a well is your favorite, rightly said: I am a Chinese People... reported that Weng Meiling had traveled to Macau, and the people who accompanied him did not have Tang Zhenye. This is not surprising, because Weng and Tang have different groups of filming, so the work and rest time are not the same. Aon also told me to go to Macau to play, but I said that Macau has nothing to do but gambling, so she did not go with her. In the last two or three months, Aon has indeed said that it is so boring. I want to go to other places to relax in two or three days. We propose to go to Zhongshan. She immediately agrees because she has never stepped into the Chinese country. , I hope to go back and look good. I said to Aon: "China bought the "shooting". When the national broadcast, many people must know you. It is better to go back to the stage." She was very excited and said, "Okay, you go, we go back and play together. " I said:" well, if you go to the company, I'll find someone to take over the head Hello, you pack a million times more fun "than going to Thailand ◎ loss of identity can not be immigrants

When we went to Zhongshan to play with a group of people, the original Aon robbed the lost identity card and did not get it back. Because she didn't have time to film, I and my assistant, Axiong Tsai, also had Tang Zhenye, holding Aon's British passport to help her get her hometown permit, but the person in charge said that I must get an ID card before I can get my hometown permit. And Aon’s passport name is Barbara. Weng, who does not match the name of Weng Meiling of the ID card, they need the "Hong Kong Immigration Department" to write a certificate, Barbara. Weng is Weng Meiling, and this is the only way to give a hometown permit.

A Tang and us ran to the "Immigration Department" to ask for a certificate, but the person in the office said that there is no power to do so, Atang even will be a guarantor, but the staff of the office said that it is necessary to report to the higher authorities.

It was proved that he was very eager to go back to Zhongshan with Aon. It is a pity that after the method of doing a return home certificate for Aon, Aon was unable to walk because of the new style of modeling and hospitality. Aon’s homecoming certificate was placed in Atang, and even Atang took the wrong place. Weng’s return home certificate entered the mainland.

◎ Someone slipped away but she pulled the knife and did
n't look at Aon's usual smile. It was easy to be close, but there was something going on, but she was not flat, and her temper was hot. Once we had more than 20 professional artists going to the nightclub to stay up all night, I don’t know how a big man in the neighboring Taiwan had a dispute with one of us. The big man rushed over and hit the artist. I first slammed the table and accused it. Hit the person. So I became the focus of the people, both sides geared up. During the fierce dispute, I know that the man is a senior man of the Royal Police. Our own person has already gone seven seven eight eight!

Later, the beating person knew that I was Xiao Yu, and finally gave him a face. He said that the artist who was beaten first sinned him.
Then, he spoke English to Aon. Aon looked at him with wide eyes and said, "I am Chinese. I don't speak English to you. No matter how good it is, it is wrong to come and beat people." Without Taiwan, almost regenerating the conflict, Atang hurriedly pulled her away. From this, I can see that many people are more daring and loyal than Aon, and they are sneak peeks when they see something happening. She is a female hero.

PS: there is an interview with Xiao Sheng article (like from Hong Kong magazine special issue commemorating 30 years)

In the text, Xiao Yu mentioned that among the many actors, he was the most appreciated by Weng Meiling. When the wireless singer-songwriter searched for the role of Huang Rong, he and Wang Tianlin both pushed Weng Meiling. It turns out that the two uncles’ eyes are indeed first-class, but unfortunately the roots of early death, made him very sorry. Xiao Sheng: Do not throw the glove, eternal meteor @ Garbo ---- End of the World Xiao Sheng: Do not throw the glove, eternal meteor xiao sheng found your favorite horses, and finally he was your favorite bearers red sub-Ying said the cultural quality of the original web links

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