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Weng Meiling was the first female artist to commit suicide in the history of Hong Kong TV. It caused a lot of confusion in the circles and society at that time. As a former TVB artist in the circle, she would naturally be asked what she thought of Weng Meiling’s death. Let's see how the artists who have worked or met with Weng Meiling can comment on this matter.

Tony Leung Chiu-wai: Aon’s work attitude is that only Zheng Yuling can compete with her.

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Brother Zhang Guorong said: "We can't criticize the deceased as stupid, let alone ignorant. Because the world is hard to say, I am also very emotional. If I can't figure out at some point, I might do the same thing! But she Still young, the cause is in full swing, once it is ruined, it is a pity that anyone feels." What is even more pity is Leslie Cheung, what was the word in the past? Hey!

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In the eyes of Zhou Xiulan, Weng Meiling is an easygoing and cheerful person. One night before Weng Meiling’s death, Zhou Xiulan had met her, and she had found that Weng Meiling’s mood was very low. Zhou Xiulan said sadly: When we met in the dressing room on the set that night, we found that she had cried. At that time, I had tried to open the ground and advised her to look at it a bit. However, because there were too many people in the dressing room at the time, and she was afraid of picking up her sadness, she was more irritating, so she did not export. She only wanted to wait until the incident subsided. Advise her, but I can't think of it forever, and I can't talk about it if I stay in my heart.

When Lin Qingxia learned that Weng Meiling was dead, her heart was unhappy and very uncomfortable. The two had a number of faces, had dinner together, and nodded to say hello. For Wen Meiling's incident, Lin Qingxia said that as a famous artist, the psychological pressure is too high and her mood is not easy to stabilize. She has had similar pain for eight years. She admits that she thought about suicide, but she didn’t have the courage, and she was afraid that she would not know how to report the news, so she still survived. In a few days, she continued to take pictures of dangerous videos, in order to stimulate and vent, even in the case of accidental death. It won't make people have too much guess. Therefore, she was very comfortable with Weng’s death and felt sad.

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In the same period, Hong Kong sister Liang Yunrui said: Although Aon is a busy man, he has no shelf. In the same period of Hong Kong sisters, I believe that Weng is a smooth one. Recently, she knew that Weng Meiling was not very happy, probably related to the lack of care for her relatives.

Another Hong Kong sister, Qi Hongping, said that although she did not meet much, she also had a cup of tea. However, Aon is good at burying himself, and rarely mentions personal feelings and family. Work is our main topic. When she met her a while ago, she was very tired. She couldn’t lift her strength. People were a bit violent. I thought she was too tired and didn’t think she would commit suicide. In fact, the character of Aon is not so negative. Aon is really too stupid. Think about it. She has developed so well. In just two or three years, she has earned a certain position in her career. Suddenly nothing has happened. Past efforts have also promoted value. It’s just that I don’t know how she feels. The relationship between feelings is the most difficult to say, the objects are different, the degree of depth, and the impact is different from person to person. Perhaps because of the hard work of love, I chose this road!

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Xu Xiaoming wrote: "I have had suicidal thoughts. Thanks to God for saving me, I have not done this stupid thing; but in the face of the factors, pressures of the cause, family, friends, from all directions, the thought is very occluded, it is easy Make this choice... for the rest of my life...

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Wu Xiaping: After hearing this news, I felt the whole body tremble. I really don't believe this news. I hope she will come back to life... Wu Xiaping said excitedly, in fact, I am also living independently, similar to her, so I feel a People's feelings at night will be particularly fragile, especially when there are troubles, but Aon has always been cheerful, she is definitely a person who can't be open, not so weak, not stupid.

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Hearing the beauty of Weng Meiling, Andy Lau is very concerned. He said: It has not cooperated with Weng Meiling. It is not familiar. It is only the friendship of colleagues. However, during the stage of the debut in Singapore, it happened that Weng Meiling also took the stage to go to the stage. Weng Meiling went to the nightclub to cheer, so I was impressed by Weng Meiling. well.

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Zhao Yazhi was told that Aon was killed and felt very miserable. Although she did not cooperate with her, Huang Jinxi had filmed "The Sandwich Man" with her. Auntie said that Aon’s death was really stupid. Azhi told Ayi: It’s not like saying that everyone has her reason to do things, and others will not understand. Zhao Yazhi is a relatively special one in many similar responses.

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He Shouxin and Weng Meiling are both wireless colleagues, and he feels a pity for this incident. He said: It is not too familiar with Weng Meiling, but in the past they went together to be a celebrity charity contest. Weng Meiling accepted the "speaking about life" interview he presided over. At that time, Weng Meiling was so happy that she was too thin and wanted to go on vacation. Increase fat. It’s a pity that He Shouxin said: If she is born for love, she is really stupid.

After Weng Meiling lost her Hong Kong sister to join the wireless, the first task was to send a hosted "Women's New Position" to cooperate with Chen Qizhen. Chen Qizhen said: I really can't think that Weng Meiling will die. If it is suicide, it is even more impossible. Because Weng Meiling has a good caring for her mother, this should not happen.

Zheng Mingming: One night, Aon called me. She said that I am very upset with Ming Ming. I saw it, two o'clock at that time. I said: Oops. Anything is sad, let's talk about it tomorrow, I want to sleep. But in a few days, I heard that Weng Meiling committed suicide, so I am very sad. In particular, I went to the funeral parlour to see her body. There were more than 20,000 fans outside, and the movieman called and cried again. I was very sad. I think people need it. If I can care about people at that time, maybe she might not die.

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