This program is part of a series of the satellite channel of the Zhejiang province TV, broadcasted on the 28 may 2011. The program could be received in whole China and many Chinese websites also paid attention to it..
This episode is the remembrance of the 28th year anniversary of the TV series the Legend of the Condor hero from 1983. Many old actors are invited to talk about their memories. The program takes about 2,5 hours, after 1 hour and 50 minutes they start to talk about Barbara.

The show can also be seen on YouTube

The link below skips the early part of the show and starts where they start talking about Barbara

Here is a short translation what people in show said about Barbara:
Miu: "She was surely my good workmate although we played opponents, my enemy on the show. Later we worked together in many shows. We were actually 'brothers", I never treated her as a girl, she was always like a boy, very outgoing person. The most unforgettable part between us was during the show, she accidentally hurt my eye with her stick (stage property) so badly that I spent one month in the hospital. When I fall down to the ground, my first reaction is 'where is my eye?'
Miu: "I though my eye had been gone. That was a pretty deep hurt, but I didn't blame her for that. Later we were still friends."
Felix: "It just reminds me a lot about us. I think she was a very brillant girl. She could grasp everything the director wanted her to do as soon as she stepped up, she was a good learner. Off the show, she also taught me how to get along with people around. She always had strong connections with people around her."
Later Miu added: "She was also a righteous and knightly girl in reality. She liked to defend people against injustice."
translation: @MayLily

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