Chun Wong played the role of Zhou Botong in the TV-serie The legend of the condor heroes.

Weng Meiling was hiding at the back of the stairs a few days before her death.

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Author: Huang Ziheng

Date: September 18, 2020


Chun Wong has been in the Hong Kong Film and television industry for 44 years. He went from Jiayi to Lidai and then to wireless. During his working in the wireless industry, he also experienced the era of six uncles, six aunts and shell king. Of course, he knows a lot of secrets. He also admits that he has changed a lot from before! Speaking of wireless in those days, uncle Qin Huang cooperated with many artists, but I believe that Weng Meiling will make him the most profound. One day, she suddenly received news of her death on the way to filming. It turns out that Chun Wong saw Weng Meiling hiding in the back stairs sobbing two days earlier.

No one thinks I'm a jellyfish

Chun Wong entered the film and television industry at the age of 28. He has been in the film and television industry for 44 years. He has gone through all kinds of ups and downs, from the original CATV to the Lido, and then joined the wireless network. Through "Zhou Botong" and "Uncle fat", he succeeded in breaking through. Although he was not a big success in wireless, he always had a seat. "TVB says to me that it is a small universe and family. In fact, once I enter the gate, all the people I know in TVB will not regard me as a jellyfish, and they are all familiar with it. Unless TVB doesn't want me, even if TVB makes a little profit, it doesn't matter. I'm taken care of when I come out, especially in China. He said that TVB gave them not only money, but also human feelings.

Chun Wong entered the industry at the age of 28, and has been in the film and television industry for 44 years. (Photo by Liang biling)

Even toilet paper was cheap in my sixties

When talking about TVB, Chun Wong said that it was "thrifty", and now it has changed a lot. He said, "it's all different. Uncle Liushu is very frugal. So many people have their own words, especially when she was at that time. I have tried to catch the toilet paper after 12 o'clock in the evening. Hello, boss. I can go up to the third floor and have a snack. I don't want to have a late night snack when I go up or down. Toilet paper may not be used too many times. I have tried it. Can you save a lot of money? At that time, he would not have lost his money, and his home was different from the world. As for family business, I think TVB is very enterprising. How many channels does our company have? Five tables! You give the program to supply, five stations are good wok, non-stop 24 hours, and the home sell beef steak add! "

TV stations need human touch

Now I feel that wireless is a way of doing business, and human feelings have faded a lot. There is a real need to choose between business and culture. When you want to make progress, or you can't go back to your old feelings, uncle Qin Huang also admits that he has less time to return to TVB factory: "in fact, TV station is a culture. You can't just do business, so you can't make a living I have to take care of the culture, so I don't want to go back. However, when the home shooting factory starts, the food is fried and the sun is scattered. When you go to the restaurant, you don't know what to eat in the restaurant, and no one accompanies you. If you make an appointment to have dinner tonight in the morning, you are going to make a reservation and a dozen people will go to eat. However, there is not any home. "

Chun Wong won the "professional actor award" at the "Thousand Stars Award Ceremony" in 2016. (visual China)

I saw Weng Meiling sobbing on the back stairs

Qin Huang has worked with many artists for many years, but I believe that the most impressive one is Weng Meiling. On May 14, 1985, Weng Meiling was found to have committed suicide by turning on gas in her apartment. After being sent to the hospital for rescue, she died at the age of 26. In fact, uncle Qin Huang once saw her sobbing on the back stairs two days before her accident. "I don't remember baa opera, but I changed her tail to Zhang Manyu. The postnatal girls are all emotional. We can't get involved. We don't know how to deal with it. Uncle Qin Huang said that he would like to do almost anything with Weng Meiling, and even make trouble to her: "once when I was on the cloud top, I was going to spy on me, and I would make fun of her at the cloud top. There is a set of bad people, they do not do well, I will say that they listen to a bit bad, he was taught. "

Weng Meiling, one of the most popular actresses, committed suicide in 1985 at the age of 26. The funeral was held at the world funeral home in Kowloon. With the help of friends, Tang Zhenye, his boyfriend, quietly pinned a rose on Weng Meiling's bun, and divided a comb he was holding into two. The first part of the funeral was buried with Weng Meiling's soul, and the other end was kept. This is the custom of mourning his wife in middle age. The coffin was supported by friends Liu Dehua and Liang Chaowei. (online photo)

One time, while filming Xue Gang's anti Tang Dynasty, an extra suddenly yelled "Weng Meiling is dead" on the set. At that time, Chun Wong thought it was just a joke, but after knowing the truth, he said frankly that he was not too sad: "every person's stage is different. You can't help it. In particular, a lot of old friends left first and many in the past year or two. Recently, Benny (Chen Musheng) died. "

 Chen Musheng died of nasopharyngeal carcinoma on the morning of August 23 at the age of 58. (Photo by Huang Guoli)


Blogger's note:

In his interview,Chun Wong said that the shooting of the drama "Xue Rengui" was "Xue Rengui's expedition to the East", rather than "Xue Gang's anti Tang Dynasty" written by the reporter.

Chun Wong and Weng Meiling have co performed TV dramas: Legend of Shooting Heroes, decisive battle of Xuanwu Gate, king of rusty bridge and challenge.

Translated by Baidu translator

source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4550986570147044  and https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4550990659323450 and https://m.weibo.cn/status/4555461858427873

More information about Chun Wong: https://wiki.d-addicts.com/Chun_Wong


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