Miss Hong Kong Weng Meiling, 26, who committed suicide

Written by: Huang Liling

 Weng Meiling has been dead for 35 years. This unfortunate beauty was only 26 years old at that time. In 1985, when the beauty pageant of Hong Kong sister was in full swing, Weng Meiling, who was born in 1982 and was in full swing, suddenly committed suicide by turning on gas in xiangbou. Trapped in love, she tried to die three times in half a year. For the first time, she took four sleeping pills because of her emotional excitement. She turned on the gas after a fight with her boyfriend Tang Zhenye, and a friend happened to visit her to save her life. However, on the third time, although Zou Shilong, who discovered her suicide, rushed to the hospital, he could not save her.

 Weng Meiling once said, "as a person, I look very strong, but in fact I am very fragile. If I am not sure about everything, I will not do it because I am afraid of failure. I am the kind of person who can't afford to lose. My life was so smooth that the beauty pageant was a failure for me. The failure of that time became the ladder of her success. With Huang Rong in shooting sculpture, she quickly became popular. At the film awards ceremony in August 1983, she took Tang Zhenye's arm to attend the ceremony and officially disclosed this love affair. Round shoulders, sweet smile, love makes Weng Meiling more beautiful; however, love is sometimes the most torturous, she is getting thinner day by day.

 Sitting alone and weeping

 She visited her in February 1985. She told me that she lost four pounds a week. She weighed 100 pounds during the beauty pageant, only 90 pounds left. She said that because she was in a bad mood and unstable mood, "last year, I was entangled with feelings and was very unhappy. I felt that I had stopped for a year and wasted a year. Asked if there was something wrong with her relationship with Tang Zhenye, she replied a little confused, "I don't think so. It's just my personal emotional problem. He is very kind to me. "Sandwich man" (Weng Meiling)

 At the end of April, after returning to Hong Kong in Singapore, a Weng returned to the film factory to film. She no longer talked and laughed with her colleagues. She often sat alone in a corner full of worries. Some people saw her tears and just wiped them out, tears came out again. A week before her accident, she told the reporter of Mingzhou: "there are a lot of villains around me, and they constantly speak ill of me in front of a Tang. How can I be good with others if I like him so much? "She said that Tang Zhenye had a soft ear and went back to quarrel with her." every time he quarreled, he said, "I know your knowledge is better than mine. I think I am poor. "I was very angry when I heard these words. For more than two years, he should understand how I treat him. "She was excited and her voice changed a little." we often quarrel and make me very upset. Don't be like the Xiangshi said. He and I have no result. "

 A Tang's position is irreplaceable

 Weng Meiling's home is in Britain, and she has few intimate friends in Hong Kong. The most talked about is her singing teacher Dai Sicong's family. The Dai couple call a Weng and a Tang as a Zai and a nu, which is also the nickname between the couple. Mrs. Dai recalled one morning in early May when she and her friends went to Weng's house and saw Tang Zhenye sitting listlessly. Later, everyone was happy to play mahjong. A Weng was absent-minded and only looked at a Tang on the sofa. After a while, a Tang came into the room and took out a leather trunk. Weng Meiling asked, "are you gone? "He nodded away.

 The next day, his mother asked Tang Zhenye what happened on the phone. He said, "we may break up. "The teacher's mother was very sad. She knew that they loved each other very much, but both of them were too hard to give in first. At that time, it was widely rumored that a Tang was close to Wu Junru. His mother asked him, "no, and the second one would not. Speaking of Weng Meiling, he said, "I also want to save face. It is said that she has many boyfriends. "My mother asked a Weng if she had many boyfriends. Weng Meiling said," there is only one boy. There are too many villains in the entertainment industry. It is said that I am good friends with Miao Qiaowei and Liang Chaowei. Miao and Tang are good friends. I have such a deep relationship with a tang that no one can replace. I have never liked the second one. Zou Shilong, who accompanied her to the disco to have fun, her mother thought that a Weng was deliberately seen in order to anger Tang Zhenye and make him nervous. Unexpectedly, the misunderstanding deepened. On the day of Weng Meiling's death, Tang Zhenye burst into tears and said, "why did no one help us reconcile? "Ah Nu, why are you so stupid and so stupid to commit suicide? What can't be solved? Well, you made me miserable in my life, and even more so after I died. "

 Many media have speculated that the cause of Weng Meiling's suicide is related to her relationship with her boyfriend Tang Zhenye. After many years, Miao Qiaowei, a good friend of Tang Zhenye, rehabilitated Tang Zhenye in the interview program "a date between Lu and Yu". He said that the two had separated long before Weng Meiling committed suicide. Although the cause of Weng Meiling's suicide is still unknown, it is a pity that Weng Meiling, as a popular artist, died early.

 Rob, Weng's ex boyfriend, opened a website for her in 2012, which regularly uploaded reports and old photos about Weng Meiling, so that the audience and fans can also miss her online. The website is still updated.

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明周娛樂 18 08 2020
【香港小姐】薄命紅顏 26歲情困自殺的翁美玲
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翁美玲轉眼已去世三十五年,這位薄命紅顏當時才26歲。 1985年的港姐選美活動進行得如火如荼之際,出身於1982年港姐、事業如日方中的翁美玲,突然在香閨開煤氣自殺身亡。為情所困的她,半年內三度尋死,第一次因情緒激動吃了四顆安眠藥,驚惶之下自行求助於相熟醫生;第二次是與男友湯鎮業吵架後開煤氣,剛巧朋友到訪救回一命;然而,到了第三次,發現她自殺的鄒世龍雖把她急送醫院,也救不了她。

翁美玲曾說:「我這個人,外表好像很堅強,其實是很脆弱的,每一件事,如果沒有八成把握,我是不會去做的,因為我怕失敗,我是那種輸不起的人。我一生太順遂了,選美算是我一次失敗。」 那一次的失敗,成為她邁向成功的階梯,憑着《射鵰》裏的黃蓉,她迅速竄紅。八三年八月的電影金像獎頒獎禮,她挽着湯鎮業的臂彎出席,正式公開了這段情。渾圓的雙肩,甜蜜的笑容,戀愛令翁美玲更加漂亮;然而,愛情有時候也是頂折磨人的,她一天一天的瘦下去。



四月底,阿翁在新加坡登台返港後,回到片廠拍劇,她不再與同事談笑,經常獨坐一隅滿懷心事,有人看見她落淚,剛抹乾了,眼淚又湧出來。 她出事前一星期,向《明周》記者訴說心事:「我身邊小人很多,不斷在阿湯面前說我的壞話,我這麼喜歡他,怎會和別人要好?」她說湯鎮業耳朵軟,聽了人家的話便回去跟她吵,「每次吵架,他一開口便說:『我知你學問好過我,嫌我窮。』聽到這些話,我很氣苦。兩年多了,我對他怎樣,他應該明白。」她激動得聲音有點變,「我們常吵嘴,令我很心煩,不要如相士所說,我和他是沒結果的。」


翁美玲的家在英國,在香港知心友不多,最談得來的是她的歌唱老師戴思聰一家,戴氏夫婦把阿翁與阿湯喚作阿仔阿女,這也是這對情侶之間的暱稱。 戴師母回想起五月初的一個早上,她和朋友到翁家,進門看見湯鎮業沒精打采地坐着。後來大家湊高興打麻將,阿翁心不在焉的,只看着沙發裏的阿湯,沒多久,阿湯進房裏拿出一隻皮篋,翁美玲問:「你走了?」他點頭離去。

翌日,師母在電話裏問湯鎮業發生什麼事,他答:「我們可能會分手。」師母心下難過,她知道他們彼此深愛對方,但兩個都嘴巴硬,不肯先讓步。 當時外間正盛傳阿湯跟吳君如要好,師母直問阿湯,他說:「不是的,和第二個也不會和她。」談到翁美玲,他說:「我也要面子的,外邊說她有許多男朋友。」 師母於是問阿翁,她是否有很多男友,翁美玲說:「只有阿仔一個。娛樂圈小人太多,傳我和苗僑偉、梁朝偉要好,苗和湯是好朋友,我和阿湯的感情這麼深,已無人可代替,我從來沒有喜歡過第二個。」 激將法令誤會加深 至於陪她到的士高玩樂的鄒世龍,師母認為阿翁是故意讓人看到,目的是想氣氣湯鎮業,令他緊張一下,沒想到反而令彼此誤會加深。 翁美玲逝世那天,湯鎮業見到戴師母,眼淚奪眶而出,說:「為什麼沒有人幫我們和解?」又說:「阿女,為何你這樣傻,要自殺那麼笨,有什麼事是不能解決的?唉,你在生時令我痛苦,死後更加令我痛苦。」



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