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Yung Meiling's ex-boyfriend in the Netherlands recalls the past and reveals a little-known love story before entering the industry at the age of 17

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Dec 31 2022

Recently, TVB rebroadcasted the classic series "The Fearless Duo" in the middle of the night, which caused many netizens to reminisce about the heroine Yung Meiling. As for Yung Meiling's love affair and scandal, many people know that she dated Tong Zhenye and was pursued by Zou Shilong, but before she came to Hong Kong to develop, she had a little-known love story in the UK.

"The Fearless Duo" starring Weng Meiling and Miu Qiaowei has recently started rebroadcasting in the late night hours of TVB.

Yung Meiling has been in the industry for 3 years and is 26 years old

Although Yung Meiling only made her debut for only 3 years, she played the role of Huang Rong, who was described by Jin Yong as clever, unruly and willful, in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". , and has successively filmed dramas such as "The Battle of Xuanwumen", "The Fearless Duo", "Chu Liuxiang: The Legend of the Bat". It's a pity that in 1985, when her career was flourishing, she committed suicide by turning on gas after swallowing sleeping pills with strong alcohol in the Broadcasting Road apartment. She was 26 years old.

In 1982, Weng Meiling filmed her maiden drama "Thirteen Sisters" with Tang Zhenye. Three years later, Weng Meiling committed suicide and Tang Zhenye was accused of being the most responsible, so the whole city exploded.

Yung Meiling's British ex-boyfriend exposed

In 2010, Rob Radboud, Yung Meiling’s ex-boyfriend of Dutch nationality, once produced an English website about Yung Meiling, and publicly explained the sweet history and intimate photos of Yung Meiling and Rob in the UK between the ages of 17 and 22, and even mentioned the two After getting acquainted, this website is still being updated, and Rob is the same age as Weng Meiling, 63 years old this year.

Weng Meiling was only 17 years old when she and Rob dated. At that time, she had long hair, and with her innocent appearance, Rob attracted him to make acquaintance.

Rob read information about his ex-love Yung Meiling on the Internet, but he was never mentioned, so he felt inspired and started this website.

The website is called "Barbara Yung 'a love story no one knew'" and describes their acquaintance and other bits and pieces in detail.

How we met

Rob revealed on the website that he met Yung Meiling for the first time in 1976. At that time, Yung Meiling was sitting alone in the canteen of the Cambridge College of Arts and Sciences and writing a diary. Rob was deeply attracted by her, so he took the initiative to get acquainted with her. During holidays, Yung Meiling would stay in the fish and chip shop in the house to help out, so in the early days, the school library was a popular spot for them to date.

How much Yung Meiling loved Rob back then, I really don't need to talk about it, I already know from the appearance in the photos.

The two loved each other very much, but unfortunately their relationship ended in 1982 when Yung Meiling returned to Hong Kong to participate in the beauty pageant.

Meeting Bill

When Yung Meiling was invited by Rob's friend Bill to visit his home, Rob was so nervous and afraid that he lose his girlfriend to him. Yung knew that her boyfriend really cared about her, and their relationship has been improved since then.

Rob has a family with three daughters and his girlfriend, but he still doesn't want to get married. He never forgets Yung Meiling. Fortunately, his girlfriend is not jealous.

Back then, the flirting young couple looked very warm.

First time to Histon

In Rob's eyes, Yung Meiling is a good student who strictly observes discipline. Back then, Rob and a few real biker friends, all with long hair and leather jackets, drove a heavy-duty motorcycle to visit Yung Meiling's family to fry fish and chips shop. On the following day, Yung Meiling told Rob that it is not good to go again in the future. Besides chasing away customers, he was also afraid that her family would not like him being with someone who looked like a flying boy.

Yung Meiling likes to see Rob's parents holding hands and hugging each other the most. She really hopes that she can love each other as much as Rob when she is old, but unfortunately everything can only be a memory.

When Yung Meiling and Rob went to a restaurant in Chinatown on a date, Yung would occasionally say a few sentences in Chinese. She wanted to let the people there know: "I can understand Chinese, so I know  what you are saying about me."

Yung Meiling met Rob in 1976 and dated for five years. The website records the sweet moments of the former couple from 1976 to 1981.

The two played with the dog and enjoyed the garden. They would not be bored for a whole day, and they would be romantic enough.

Rob has two brothers,  his two older brothers liked Yung Meiling's as a younger sister, and the relationship is very harmonious.

The fish and chips shop run by Yung Meiling's family is located in Histon. Yung's mother and uncle live upstairs from the store, with the living room on the right and the kitchen on the left.

Weng Meiling often sat alone on campus, her personality was serious.

Frequently asked questions:
Question: Is Yung Meiling's website created by her ex-boyfriend still in operation?
A: In 2010, Weng Meiling’s Dutch ex-boyfriend Rob Radboud once produced an English website about Weng Meiling, and publicly explained the sweet history and intimate photos of Weng Meiling and Rob in the UK from the age of 17 to 22. The process of the two getting acquainted, this website is still being updated.

Question: Did Huang Rihua and Miu Qiaowei try to call back her soul?
Answer: In the interview, the third brother bluntly said that he had cooperated with Yung Meiling many times, and that he was like a "brother".
"The night he left, we found a lot of things in the spirit world. We tried to use methods such as emancipation to bring his spirit body back into his body. We tried all methods, but it was unsuccessful."

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4852755027467060

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天師執位|翁美玲荷蘭前男友憶舊事 公開17歲入行前鮮為人知愛情故事
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Dec 31 2022



翁美玲入行3年 終年26歲




2010年,翁美玲的荷蘭籍前男友Rob Radboud曾製作出一個有關翁美玲的英文網站,入面公開交代了翁美玲17至22歲期間同Rob在英國的甜蜜史及親密照,其中更提及了兩人相識的經過,至今這個網站仍在持續更新,而Rob與翁美玲同齡,今年已63歲。



網站叫「Barbara Yung ‘a love story no one knew’」仔細分段叙述佢哋相識經過及其他點滴。(圖片來源:新傳媒資料室)

How we met 怎樣結識




Meeting Bill 遇見比爾




First time to Histon 第一次去希斯頓

在Rob眼中,翁美玲是個嚴守紀律的好學生,當年Rob同幾個real biker朋友,個個留長頭髮,著住皮褸,駕住部重型電單車去幫襯翁美玲屋企人嗰間炸魚薯條店。阿翁第二日就同Rob講以後唔好再去,趕客之餘,又怕屋企人唔鍾意佢同班貌似飛仔嘅人一齊。








答:2010年,翁美玲的荷蘭籍前男友Rob Radboud曾製作出一個有關翁美玲的英文網站,入面公開交代了翁美玲17至22歲期間同Rob在英國的甜蜜史及親密照,其中更提及了兩人相識的經過,至今這個網站仍在持續更新。即看:網站