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Michael Miu revealed that he secretly summoned Yung Meiling's soul

Video: January 13, 2023

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of TVB Taiwan, TVB held a special voting activity for "I Pick, I Want to Watch", allowing viewers to select the classic dramas they most want to revisit which will be broadcasted in the middle of the night. The results was the rebroadcast of “The fearless duo” first shown in 1984

starring Yung Meiling, Michael Miu, Liu Dan, etc., and was praised by the viewers as "the divine drama in the divine drama"!

At that time, TVB made Yung Meiling and Michael Miu the "strongest screen couple", but in reality, she was dating Kent Tong.

In 1985, it was rumored that Yung Meiling committed suicide by turning on the gas at home due to emotional distress. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment and died at the age of 26.

In a blink of an eye, she has passed away for thirty-six years, and her best partner Michael Miu recalled in a previous interview that when he and his good friend Kent Tong received the news of Yung Meiling's death, they failed to accept the reality and lost their minds for a while, so they asked a Taoist priest to contact Yung Meilings

soul, hoping to bring her back to life, which coincides with the plot of "The fearless duo"!  

 苗僑偉親爆 秘替翁美玲招魂

為慶祝五十五周年台慶,無綫早前特別舉行一個《我揀我想睇》的投票活動,讓網民選出最想重溫的經典劇集,並於深夜時段重播,結果由八四年首播,翁美玲、苗僑偉、劉丹等主演的《天師執位》脫穎而出,更被網民譽為「神劇中的神劇」! 當年,無綫將翁美玲與苗僑偉打造為 「最強熒幕CP」,但現實中的她,當年卻是與湯鎮業拍拖。八五年,有傳翁美玲因感情受到困擾,在家開煤氣自殺,結果送院搶救後不治,享年二十六歲。


(source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4857180987329920 )


The replay of "The fearless duo" turned out to be a hit, Michael Miu personally lost his mind and secretly summoned Yung Meiling's soul.

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January 12, 2023

“The fearless duo"! screen couple

TVB has produced countless well-known drama series. To celebrate the 55th anniversary of TVB Taiwan, it held a voting activity for "I Choose, I Want to Watch", which was divided into two categories: "Our..." and "Unforgettable...".

Result: "Father and Daughter" won 23.3% in "Our..."; and "The fearless duo", which was recently re-broadcasted late at night, became the first place in "Unforgettable..." with 29.8%.

This drama starred Michael Miu, Yung Meiling, Liu Dan, etc. When it premiered in 1984, the ratings exceeded 60 points, becoming the highest ratings of the year. No wonder it was praised by viewers as "the divine drama among divine dramas"!

Yung Meiling, who participated in Miss Hong Kong in 1982, only won the eighth place, but she was still favored by TVB for her beautiful facial features. In the same year, she was arranged to film the drama "Thirteen Sisters", and this drama made her become closer to Kent Tong .

Afterwards, she was highly praised. In 1983, she became famous for her role as Huang Rong in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes"; and Michael Miu in the same drama also succeeded in playing Yang Kang. Afterwards, TVB took advantage of the trend to make the two into "screen couples" and co-produced four dramas, among which "The fearless duo" is still deeply loved by audiences.

In August 1983, Yung Meiling held Kent Tong's arm to attend the Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony and officially announced their relationship;

However, the two were later reported to have had a heated argument in the dressing room. It was pointed out that at that time Kent Tong had scandals with other female artists, and Yung Meiling also had a close relationship with the wealthy son Zou Shilong, which caused the two to quarrel often. Trapped by love, she was found to be getting thinner day by day, and her weight dropped from 100 pounds during the beauty pageant to 90 pounds.

Suicide three times In 1985

It was rumored that Yung Meiling tried to die twice because of her emotional troubles, but fortunately both failed.

However, on May 14 of the same year, she turned on the gas at home and committed suicide for the third time. It is reported that Kent Tong went to Yung Meiling's house in the early morning of the day of the incident, but was turned away because the other party had notified the security guard not to let him come and harass him. The next morning, the rumored boyfriend Zou Shilong rushed to the house because he could not be contacted. He went to Yung Meiling's apartment to find out, when he arrived at the door, he smelled a strong gas smell coming from the house, and no one responded when he knocked on the door; so he broke open the window and climbed into the house, only to find Yung Meiling in pink pajamas, unconscious in the hall. Her whole body was cold, so he immediately notified the security guard to call the police, and took Yung Meiling to the hospital by himself in a taxi, but it was to late that there was no way to return, and she died at the age of 26.

Back then, Yung Mei Ling (Ah Yung) and Michael Miu (the third brother) were like brother and sister.  Michael Miu and Qi Mei Zhen, Kent Tong  (A Tang) and Yung Mei Ling, the two couples were often together and had a good friendship.

During an interview a long time ago the third brother was interviewed by Chen Zhiyun, he recalled that after he and Kent Tong received the news of Yung Meiling's death they could not accept the reality and they tried their best to bring her back to life.

Ah Tang tried everything possible. A friend introduced us to a Taoist priest who could bring Ah Yung back to life. That night, Ah Tang and I immediately wen to that Taoist priest, hoping to bring Ah Yung’s soul back to life.” The third brother continued with red eyes: "At that time, Ah Yung's body was already in the mortuary, and Ah Tang and I went to a Taoist altar. It turned out that the Taoist priest had already opened the altar to summon souls. I felt so cold inside that I dared not go in, but Ah Tang boldly went in. About half an hour later, Ah Tang came out and saw Ah Yung brought out by two ghost messengers, and said to him: "Ah, I'm so cold!" At that time, I asked Ah Tang, is this really Yung Meiling? But no one knows that Ah Yung asked Ah Tang to be an "Azi". At that time, I thought it was true. The Taoist said that a soul was brought up, but it couldn't get into the body, because a body is in the mortuary."

Making a fuss in the mortuary

Then, the third brother and Kent Tong hurried to the mortuary and asked the staff to show them Yung Meiling's body. The third brother held back his tears and said: "At that time, the mortuary was so cooperative that we could go in and They let us see Ah Yung's body. At that time, I really wanted her to wake up, but I didn't believe it, I really didn't believe it. It's Yung Meiling, I don’t know why I’m going to sleep here, I’m stiff, I really want her to wake up, call her all the way! Will I wake her up? Ah Tang and I are really in love I hoped that something miraculous will happen. We even lost our minds for a while, help her thaw, wipe off the ice on her skin, wake her up! I am so heartbroken to see Ah Tang, Yung Meiling was my unforgettable partner !"

After the death of Yung Meiling, her ashes were placed in a Catholic cemetery at the University City of Cambridge, England; while friends Michael Miu and Qi Meizhen set up a memorial for her at the Cham Shan Temple in Lobster Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, for friends and movie fans to pay homage to.

The third brother revealed: "Qi Meizhen told me that when A Yung came back in a dream, She said that she was so attached to Hong Kong... Me and Ah Tang will go to pay homage to her on the day of her death, and my wife Qi Meizhen will even go more often."


《天師執位》重播翻Hit 苗僑偉親爆 秘替翁美玲招魂
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當年,無綫將翁美玲與苗僑偉打造為 「最強熒幕CP」,但現實中的她,當年卻是與湯鎮業拍拖。八五年,有傳翁美玲因感情受到困擾,在家開煤氣自殺,結果送院搶救後不治,享年二十六歲。轉眼間,她已離世三十六年,而最佳拍檔苗僑偉,之前受訪時,曾憶述當年與好兄弟湯鎮業接獲翁美玲死訊後,未能接受現實,一度失去理智地,於是找道士招翁美玲的魂魄,希望令她復活,與《天師執位》的劇情不謀而合!













source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4857180987329920