20120208 untold secrets


This program can also be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64PnPF9qnd8



A short summary of the program.

My main conclusion of this documentary was that Barbara ended her life mainly because of the pressure created by the media.

Barbara was an illegitimate child. Having no father, only a stepfather. This caused her to be inferior all the time. Losing out in the beauty competition was the biggest failure in her life, that's what she wrote and told her uncle.

They mention that Barbara was always quarreling with kent. She often visited disco's and pubs, eventually she became a gambler and a drunkard.

In order to gain Kent's love, Barbara used her own savings to buy over a apartment for Kent. This was a hint to Kent to marry her. Kent rejected at first but gradually accepted the offer of the apartment and move in to live with Barbara.

Kent had a quote: my life was miserable when you were alive, it became worse after your death. Everyone blamed Kent for Barbara's death, at the funeral, all the fans shouted at him and yelled " Beat him to death, beath him to death "!! The night few hours before she died, someone heard Kent and Barbara having a huge argument backstage, in which Barbara shouted " let's break up " !

Barbara met a wealthy tycoon at the discos and pubs. This man was known as Raymond. Raymond visited Barbara in the morning of 1985, 14th May 7am, he knocked on the door, there was no answer. He climbed over the balcony and saw Barbara lying at the living room wearing pink pyjamas. On the calendar hanging on the wall she had written " darling I love you ".

They rushed Barbara to the hospital but it was too late, Barbara died of gas poisoning. The program mentions that having no father left Barbara with a very weird character.

A male actor who worked with Barbara said that she was like a tomboy, always happy and cheerful on the outside but sad deep in her heart, without ever letting anyone know.

(thanks to Magdalyn for translating)

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