20130924 tv program


"The truth behind Yung Mei Ling's Suicide" broadcasted on China BeiJing's TV on 24 september 2013.

After about 30 minutes about 10 minutes is spend on the stories of this website.

This video can also be seen at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbWxYL4k02Y

Thanks to eblc2006 for pointing out this video to me.



# btv's "archives"yang 2013-10-13 23:35

this video url for the people who living in China, easily accessible url
# Sept 2013 China Beijing TV ShowAnna 2013-12-13 05:13
I just watched the entire TV show dated 2013. Thank you for sharing. I remember the day I saw on TV new of her death, how I felt it was such a great loss, and such a great mystery. Since 2010, you have revived my fondness for this actress, and relived her in my mind once more. Thank you for this. I think, and I hope that she would approve. If she would now be in a better place and truly freed of the burdens of this earth, I believe she would. Bless you.

I have a primary education in Hong Kong and do read and write Chinese. You can contact me for some translations if you wish.

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