20121405 27th anniversary

This videos mentioned both Felix Wong and Kent Tong had expressed their remembrance to Barbara on the date she died twenty-seven years ago.

The TV commentator went on to put in briefly the sequence of
events leading to her death.

There is a short interview with Kent at the end where he expressed no desire to talk about personal love matters of himself in the past.

This video can also be seen at:


The video was published by Entertainment Online(link below) and is a Chinese news portal based in Shanghai.


The video does not have a date but based on the content, it is probably a few days around 14th May 2012, the 27th anniversary of Barbara's death.

(thanks to eblc2006 for the information)


# Thank you !Chak湛山子 2012-04-20 04:30
Thank you :D Rob & Andy Chan :-)
# Translationblingbling 2015-02-13 12:02
can someone translate what happened in the video, i'm really thankful for it. I love Barbara Yung so much

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