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20141118 Kent Tong interview

In this video Kent Tong basically says that he and Barbara were both young so a bit of arguing or eventual separation should be very common to every youngster and should not be taken too seriously. He had no idea that this would lead to the suicide of Barbara.

Kent says he has a clear conscience to himself of what had happened and he had absolutely nothing to do with what led to Barbara's death and certainly he is not the one to blame. He still does not mention anything leading up to that event.

Translation and subtitles by EBLC2006


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# RE:lqwjy00 2014-12-25 03:49
i have also watched this video ,he didnot clearly mention he has nothing to do with barbara's death,he said he didnot betrary barbara and never thought she would choose that way .if he were about 10 years older than she and would have noticed her emotions.he would not let that thing happen with One hundred unwillings.
rob ,really many thanks for doing this website for barbara.merry christmas and best wishes to you and your family.
# RE: 2014 november 18: Kent Tong talks about his relation with Barbara (subtitled)hey 2014-12-25 06:51
Hmm...the record showed that she had few records of suicide tendencies in the past during showbiz? Meaning Kent should had known about it, right?
# RE:lqwjy00 2014-12-26 08:39
yes ,but he didnot know it was so serious .he thought she must horrify them.from the beginning of 1985,barbara had tried to commit suicide for about 2 times,one time she regretted doing that and another time what she did was stopped by some one .
# RE: 2014 november 18: Kent Tong talks about his relation with Barbara (subtitled)priscilla 2014-12-28 14:33
no one would want to choses to end their own life if they werent seriously depressed. If he would handle the situtation with more decency, he went to the beach with Sandra Ng and Michael Miu. Come on, u just ended an over 2 year relationship w her, have some consideration and be low key about your new flame. He provoked her, example: she have paged him many times and he didnt return calls. He could have stayed friends with her through those devastating early stage of break up and help her through it. Even though he said he broke up with her before her suicide doesnt mean it is not his fault. It was exactly what led to her depression and suicide.
# RE:lqwjy00 2014-12-30 03:54
yes ,kent newer said he had no relation with barbara's death,to be frank ,he must be very sad about it ,after all they loved each other.but due to some mistakes between them . so nearly 30 years passed, barbara must be happy as an angel in the heaven .
# People need to take responsiblity of their own livesKiwi and Melon 2015-08-14 23:26
If it was truly his fault, Barbara's mom will not allow him to attend the funeral. He was one of the ones to lift the casket. Only close friends does that.

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