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TV station:
上海东方卫视(英语:Dragon Television,2003年10月23日前为上海卫视)

Case File: The death of Yung Mei Ling
上海东方卫视档案: 20110406 栏目姜波(Jian Bor)主持 - 翁美玲之死

This video starts by showing the funeral of Yung Mei Ling and how her former
boy friend Tong Chun Yip was being blamed for her death. Her unexplained
sudden death caused a lot of controversy and people all trying to come up
with possible explanation of what had driven her to kill herself. The host
in the video put forward three possible explanations:

1. (02:25 - 12:25) The grieve of losing of her lover Tong Chun Yip:

She first met Tong during her acting career and then became lovers, how
success in her career and decline in Tong's were putting pressure on their
relationship. Gossips of she courting other male actors also led Tong to
find other relationship himself, photographed and being reported by
reporters. That might be the last straw for Yung. On 13rd May 1985 they have
a big quarrel, from evening till midnight, she tried to phone Tong but
couldn't get through so she had left a message saying "If you don't call me,
that would be the last you will heard of me." Yung's new friend Chow Sai
Lung couldn't contact her either so he visited her home the next morning
only to find her dead. On the ca lender she had written "Darling I love

2. (12:25 - 14:30) Failure/stagnation in her acting career:

After a great success in drama LOCH as Huang Rong, her subsequent acting had
not been considered spectacular. This placed great pressure on her and
without anyone to comfort her, ultimately led her to commit suicide.

3. (14:30 - 20:00) character faults related to upbringing:

Friends said Yung had a tomboy character. She was born out of wedlock and
her father died when she was seven. Her mother brought her up in
difficult situations and thus Yung became quite mature early on. She lack
the feeling of safety and stability a fatherly figure can provide. After she
had emigrated to UK she worked hard and graduated from the Central School of
Art and Design, studying textile design.
She had a Dutch boyfriend but their relationship did not get the approval
and blessing of her mother and they finally become separated.
Then she come back to Hong Kong and took part in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant.
She did not win but ended up working in TVB and then being casted in LOCH as
Huang Rong.

The remaining part (20:00 - 23:40):

Host's own conclusion and a summary of what happened to other characters in
LOCH over the years. He also mentioned Yung's grave in Cambridge is often
visited by her fans over all these years.

(thanks to EBLC2006 for writing this summary)

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