20150526 michael miu interview



The first part of the video is about how his left eye was hurt by Yung Mei Ling during the filming of LOCH. He did not blame Yung as she was just learning to fight with stick and accident could happen. Over the years, he continue to work happily with Yung on other dramas produced by TVB, probably because it appeal more to audience under that arrangement. He always treated Yung as "brother" and never as girl friend.


The other part of the video mentioned he and Kent were both very shock at the suicide incident on the day after it happened. He mentioned it was probably a momentary wrong decision/judgement by Yung based on some minor things or argument. He didn't mention any other details regarding the situation leading up to the suicide or what state Yung was in prior to the incident.


(Thanks to elbc2006 for this explanation)

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