20151108 interview actor Hong Qigong


The colleague in the video is Lau Dan, the one who play the role of her
KungFu Master in LOCH. He said Barbara is very clever. Once the whole
filming crew were really scared when Barbara's eye was injured during the
filming of LOCH, blood running from her face. However, Barbara just put
everyone at ease by saying jokingly that could have save her some money not
having to have both eyes done for a "Double eye lids" cosmetic eye surgery.
He went on and said: "I feel very sad every time Yung Mei Ling's name was
mentioned. We have had a really good friendship between us. During the
filming of LOCH she always treated me as if I'm her real father." He than
mentioned other things related to himself only.


(thanks to elbc2006 for the explanation)



独家专访“洪七公”刘丹:翁美玲情商极高 娱乐星天地 151108


This video can also be seen at: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/DBSj5SZuKQI/?bid=03&pid=2&resourceId=4028949_03_05_02


An article about this can be seen at: http://ww.orange01.org/cat18/node796492



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