A montage of nearly all the pageant semifinal fragments with Barbara in HD.



In tradittional costume


1982 semi-finals, guest speaker Chen Baiqiang introducing the dancing candidates, by Barbara he said:

No. 6 Miss Weng Meiling

She deeply loves dancing
Swaying wind
Sing and dance together with the beat

Body and mind are relaxed
With that relaxing and beautiful music
Man Wu Qing Ge as if everything is shaking

Is a master of sports

(translated by Google translate)

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4541950897691996

1982年TVB#香港小姐# 競選準決賽,表演嘉賓 陈百强[音乐] 歌舞介紹佳麗出塲

6號 翁美玲小姐

她深深喜愛 翩翩舞姿

身心都舒暢 輕輕躍起

是運動健將 運動樣樣通






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