In December 1983, Aweng went on stage in Thailand, accompanied by Xiao Sheng. Aweng also sang songs in Thai. It is speculated that the Bangkok Jiales nightclub is the nightclub that Aweng took to the stage in Thailand. After the death of Awong, this nightclub also honored the wreath. The stage of Zheng Shaoqiu is the same as that of Aweng. Xiao Sheng wrote "Carles" in later recollections. . . . [Memories of Xiao Sheng] At the beginning, whoever said that Aweng's life was good, all of a sudden became red, and all of a sudden made a lot of money. The first time she went out on stage was at "Kales" in Thailand. At that time, Atang was going to make a film. She had a lot of inconvenience for a girl to perform outside. Because I am more familiar in Bangkok and the manager of "Kales" Also my friend, so I accompanied her to Bangkok.

At that time, Bangkok Television had just finished broadcasting "The Eagle Shooting", and the audience there was crazy to Huang Rong to the point of madness. After she finished her interview at the TV station, she could not break out of the crowd outside the TV station, and she had to trouble the police to open the way. . . .
The following is the data from Baidu: With the increasing popularity of Jiales nightclubs and the continuous expansion of the scale, entertainment industries such as theaters, restaurants, and dance halls have been established one after another. Many popular stars will perform in Jiales, and Wang Zhimin also Many Chinese celebrities became friends. Teresa Teng, Zheng Shaoqiu, Feng Feifei, and Fei Fei were all his guests. . .

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