1982 08 hostess woman today


1983 ng 02

This is probably the very first video when Barbara appeared as an TVB hostess. As she was a new comer, she was asked by other hostess to introduce herself to the general viewers. Barbara responded by telling the viewers what school and subject she have studied. She went on to share her idea of finding the right color and texture of clothing. Judging from her 'not so fluent' and slightly jerky tone, this could as well be her very first TV appearance as a show hostess.

(Thanks to eblc2006 for explaining and translating this video)

1982 06 28 WT01

1982 06 28 WT02

1982 06 28 WT03

1982 06 28 WT04

source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4580175264099201