Weng Meiling’s Ashes (Translated by google translate)

a string of rosary an oil painting

The ashes of television artist Weng Meiling were buried yesterday (June 3, 1985) at the Cambridge Public Cemetery in England. They were accompanied by a series of transparent Catholic rosary beads for their stepfathers, and their uncle painted for her. A photo of the last oil painting.

The ceremony took place at 2:30 pm British time. First of all, massacre was performed in the small temple of the New Cemetery in Cambridge Newmarket Road. The priest was anointed by Father Peter. There were also priests and more than 40 relatives and friends, most of whom were friends and relatives of Weng in England. More than a dozen of them were Foreign male and female friends. While Weng Ma and Tang Zhenye are still in Hong Kong, they did not attend Weng’s funeral.

Aun uncle tears into tears

A photo of Weng Meiling was placed on the altar of the sanctuary. This photo was written by Weng Meiling when she was married two years ago. Weng Meiling went to any bridesmaid. His uncle painted a portrait oil for her and the original painting stayed in Weng Meiling’s Hong Kong home. The photo is a reversed oil painting. The photo is about 30 cm high and 20 cm wide. The photo frame is a purple frame with a white border. This is because Weng loves white and purple, so her uncle especially designed it. The middle-aged man Weng Meiling had short hair and she wore white flowers on the left, and her silhouette looked pretty.

A white garland was placed in front of the set of paintings. A jade urn was placed inside the urn and a cross was placed. In front of the table, there was a cross decorated with white chrysanthemums, about 60 cm in height. Red flowers were placed on the shelves, and friends and relatives were sent around. More than 20 wreaths on it.

The memorial mass was only carried out for ten minutes. The priest blessed the dead and rested. After the relatives and friends held their garlands, they proceeded from the church and proceeded toward the graveyard. Weng Ye’s father took the urns to the forefront and Weng’s stepfather Liao Jintang held the Weng. The effigy of the follow-up followed, and the priest comforted alongside them. Other relatives and friends followed in silence and walked slowly toward the cemetery. About ten minutes away, the crowd arrived at Weng Meiling’s grave. Weng uncle shouted Weng Meiling's name and her name on the way and cried into tears.

Twilight Clouds

On Weng Meiling’s grave, a cave of 75 cm by 30 cm and a depth of about 60 cm has been excavated. Each one surrounds the grave and lays the garland in front of the grave. On the palm, Weng, the stepfather holding the photo, sadly squats on the ground, and his uncle cries from the beginning to the end. Hey, holding an urn and kneeling under the grave, shouted loudly: Hey. Other relatives and friends also broke down in tears. Weng uncle always told everyone to send more flowers to him, but he did not want to lay down his urn. He was so unwilling to wait for Weng Meiling to be buried underground. At last, the person in charge of the cemetery started to take away from Weng’s uncle’s arms. An urn, put the ashes into the cave. Weng Meiling has since buried her long bones and forever. After the ashes were placed in the cave, a string of rosary beads and the portrait of Weng Meiling were placed. The cemetery staff covered the earth and finally buried Weng Meiling. The priest and his relatives also sprinkled holy water on the grave. Although the funeral took place in the sunshine, the tomb was covered with dark clouds, and everyone showed a sad face. The funeral ceremony ends at 3pm.


source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4587837279706452



一串念珠 一幅油画 长伴艳骨



阿翁舅父 哭成泪人


遗照前置有白色花环,内放翠绿色玉石骨灰坛,摆放一个十字架,台前另有一个高约60公分由白色菊花点缀成的十字架,架上缀有红色鲜花, 周围放置有各亲友送上的花圈20多个。


愁云惨雾 艳骨长埋


(source: https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404221209205182699)