Barbara injured her left eye on the 3th of February, 1983, and was sent to the Baptist Hospital to rest for two weeks. On the 13th of February (Chinese New Year), TVB gave everyone a two-day holiday, and Barbara spent this time in a hospital bed. Barbara was afraid of becoming a blind in her left eye, but she also joked to others that it helped her to her double eyelids.



This is how Barbara described what happened: There was a scene in which I was playing one person against three people, due to improper coordination with the rhythm, I was accidentally cut through my left eye by the opponent's weapon. I remember that I was instinctively covering my left eye and holding back the tears, but already felt a faint pain. I paniced, blood and tears rolled down like soybeans, and I couldn't help it anymore.

以下是阿翁的自述: 直到有一場我一人對三人打的戲中,因和節奏配合不當,一不留神竟被對方兵器劃破了自己的左眼。記得當時很本能地緊掩著左眼,強忍看淚水,可是已感到隱隱作痛,在驚慌的情緒之下,血水和淚珠便如黃豆般的滾下來,再也忍不住了。

On February the 20th after Barbara had rested in the hospital for more than ten days, returned to TVB and continued filming.

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 On February the 5th, a reporter filmed Kent in black clothes visiting Barbara and found that Kents black jacket had been worn by Barbara.

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83.2.15 “Hong Kong Commerce and Industry Daily”, “Hong Kong Industry and Business Evening News”, 83.2.18 “Overseas Chinese Daily” published this “Responsibility”.

Weng Meiling was injured in the performance of “The Eagle Shooting Heroes” and she was very excited when the reporter visited her in the hospital.
"I was in a daze in the hospital all day and it was really boring." Weng Meiling said again and again, the spirit is still quite good.
"Of course, the injury is not good to stay in the hospital. After the show, there is still a chance to play." The reporter told her.
Weng Meiling said with a flat mouth and said: "I am just sorry that I can't play because of my injury. I've got a series of dramas in the shooting of "Iridium Shooting..."
"Forget it, or cure the injury first, and don't worry too much."
The reporter knew the character of Weng Meiling. She was very serious and responsible for her work. Like the performance of “Thirteen Girls,” she never came late, but she was familiar with the script and prepared for acting. Therefore Xiao Yu often praised her. Unfortunately, this accident happened. I don't think she was serious.
“How many people come to vsit you every day, are you still bored?” The reporter saw a bunch of flowers and a basket of fruit in the ward.
“Everyone really cares about me and cares for me. Some fans still send greeetings to me me. It made me feel very warm. You thank me in the newspapers for your interest in me. Can you please?” said Weng Meiling, sweetly.
"Of course I will." Said the reporter.
Although Weng Meiling was a young girl when she initially entered the entertainment scene, she was very sensible. She was able to take care of everything and deal with it properly. Therefore, although she is shortly with the TV station and her popularity is good, the reporter is happy to visit her. It seems that she is very suitable for a career in the entertainment industry, I believe her future will be very good.




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​​​ 翁美玲演出《射雕英雄传之铁血丹心》受伤入院,记者到医院里探望她,她显得十分兴奋。