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Recalling the old friend's message, many treasures, Cui Pingxin, did not worry about Weng Meiling.

Cui Ping, who made his debut in the early 1950s, is a smash hit with "A lot of treasures in this day."

After the "Love Songs," Cui Ping and the late TV artist Weng Meiling seem to have nothing to do with each other, but privately, Cui Ping is both a bird friend and an intimate friend of Weng Meiling. In 1985, Weng Meiling had called for Cui Ping’s complaint several days before she committed suicide.  She introduced her boyfriend to her, when Cui Ping thought the other party was joking. I did not expect to receive the death of Weng Meiling a few days later. Cui Ping said, “I’m so guilty and happy, if I’m playing less Card, escort  canal. Then, the drainage may be awkward! Author: Dai Caihuan

The celebrity of the lyrical song won by Cui Ping, who became popular with “A lot of treasures in the world,” but his delicate appearance is hidden Hard heart.



Cui Ping said: "In 1953, IHong Kong The Dahua Hotel eats rice . After singing on stage and singing, the manager buried  Call me worse .The hotel sings and acts as a resident singer, but my father disagrees. I'm so happy and I think that singing is all about playing.  Happy  Well, it's done    Bad things, I'm going to threaten my dad, if I sing  If I do, I will commit suicide. Dad only promises me to try  .  
During the singing in the nightclub, Cui Ping was named by the composers Wang Fuling and Li Houyu for referring to Philips Records, recording records, and introducing classic songs such as “Tomorrow's Worth” and “Nanping Evening Bell” and later she reconstructed. Mei's "Acacia River," which was made in 1989, sang this song. In 1972, Cui Ping took care of the family wholeheartedly before he officially withdrew from the music scene. 
After retiring, Cui Ping still kept in touch with the people in the entertainment circle and from time to time attacked and attacked Sifang City. Wang Jing, Liu Yong, Huang Xingxiu, and the late Weng Meiling were all his friends, and Weng Meiling was even more so. The younger generation, the other person has something to worry about, always talk to her.


Chen Baiqiang’s early death

Speaking of Weng Meiling’s suicide in 1985, He said: "In the past  My house company plays cards and Tang Zhenye will take over the delivery. I was very fond of playing cards one to five, and several days before Weng Meiling’s death, she called me and told me to talk with me. I was happy, and asked me if I had a gentleman to introduce me. At the time I thought I was talking  Laugh, I got to know after a few days  Death... At the time I was really able to believe, I was so happy and happy, if I played less  Cards, escorts and more  Then, the drainage may be awkward! Cui Ping also thought about it day and night because of the death of Weng Meiling, which caused high blood pressure. It can be seen that this incident has caused a major blow to her. 
In addition to Weng Meiling, Cui Ping also deeply regrets that Chen Baiqiang, who once sang his famous song “How Much Much Worth to Honor,” said: “Many people have recounted me.  Song, but I most admire Chen Baiqiang.canal  Deduction, emotional expression and song arrangement are all good.There are times  Landing tea ran into the canal and the canal was actively buried  Say hello to me, I think that after birth, there are only talents. Zhong Hao is polite, good-natured and respects his predecessors.  !  
Some photos and information provided by: Cui Ping, Chen Yongye 

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崔萍在夜總會唱歌期間,獲名作曲家王福齡和李厚襄引薦給飛利浦( Philips)唱片公司,灌錄唱片,先後推出了《今宵多珍重》和《南屏晚鐘》等經典金曲,及後她翻唱顧媚五九年的作品《相思河畔》,更把這首歌唱紅。七二年,崔萍為全心全意照顧家庭,才正式退出歌壇。




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