Weng Ma visited her daughter in Hong Kong on November 27, 1982 and stayed in Hong Kong for two weeks (unfortunately there was no photo at the time).

"Thirteen Sisters" on the 20th 煞科, Weng Meiling is busy burying the tail for the new drama, and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" will continue to work.

Although Weng Meiling has been busy lately, she is still in a good spirit. According to her, the night before the announcement of the "Eleventh Girl", this morning into the factory to record "Women's New Position", although staying up all night, there is no tiredness, but more and more energetic, they are also inexplicable energy Come, I am surprised.

Weng Meiling said that she has gradually adapted to the reverse of the filming career, not to mention the "shooting", which is not ready to adapt, and how to cope with this arduous task.

Weng Meiling’s mother came to Hong Kong on the 27th to visit her daughter. She said that Mommy came from afar, so she should take time to accompany her, but it coincided with the start of "The Eagle Shooting", I am afraid I don't have much time to accompany my mother. However, even if she started her work, she also took her mother. She could let her see her daughter filming and at the same time strive for a chance to see each other. Because her mother left Hong Kong for only two weeks, she could not go to the British mother in the short term.

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Weng Meiling analyzes the details reflected in Aon’s book (10)
In late 1982.12, a letter sent before Christmas said: "Mothers will arrive in the next day, everything should be careful, please bring my black coat." Aon originally planned to return to the UK to visit relatives, but was elected Huang Rong, busy with work, so Weng mother came to Hong Kong for two weeks on December 27, the mother and daughter shared a total of days. During this period, Aon was busy filming, and Tang Zhenye took up the free guide to accompany the elderly to the TV station. The black coat mentioned in the letter does not know which one. No relevant photos, I had to send a beautiful Santa Claus. PS, Jin Xiu, and the small diamond ring appeared before the arrival of Weng’s mother in December 27th. Therefore, it is suspected that Weng’s mother sent these things to Aon’s, and Aon added a black coat in this letter. .

翁美玲 分析阿翁的家书中反映的细节(十)

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