Weng's mother visited her daughter in Hong Kong on 27 November 1982 and stayed for a fortnight (unfortunately there are no photographs of the time).

The 13th Sister" was closed on the 20th, and she is now busy finishing up her new drama, while "The Legend of the Shooting Hero" will start next.

Although she has been very busy recently, she is still in good spirits. According to her, she was surprised to see that she was not tired even though she had been up all night shooting "Eleventh Sister" and this morning she went to the studio to record "Women's New Look".

She said that she was beginning to get used to the upside-down days of filming, and how could she cope with the daunting task if she could not get used to it when the shooting of "Shooting Eagles" was about to begin.

On the 27th, her mother came to Hong Kong from the UK to visit her daughter. She said her mother came all the way to Hong Kong, so she should take time to be with her, but since she is working on "Shooting Eagles", she may not have much time to spend with her mother. However, even if she is working, she will bring her mother with her, so that she can see her daughter filming and have a chance to catch up with her, as her mother will only stay in Hong Kong for a fortnight and it is unlikely that she will be able to visit her mother in the near future.








Analysis of the details reflected in Weng's letter home

In late 1982.12, the letter sent before Christmas mentioned, "Mother will be here in a few days, so be careful with everything and please bring my black coat too." Ah Weng had planned to return to England to visit his family, but due to the election of Wong Yung, she was too busy to leave, so her mother came to Hong Kong on 27 December for a two-week holiday to spend time with her daughter. During this period, Ah Weng was busy filming a serie and Tong Chun Yip acted as a free guide to accompany the old woman on his TV tour. I don't know which black coat is mentioned in the letter. There is no photo of it,

ps, the gold ring and the small diamond ring all appeared before 27 December, the date of his mother's visit to Hong Kong, so it is suspected that her mother sent the items she asked for, and that she asked for a black coat in this letter.


source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4439933525212978