The eye-catching, bright and clear, great [嘻嘻] @ 潇湘翠26224240621 amazing discovery! This photo is a photo of Aon on the 1983 Top Ten Golden Song Awards Ceremony held on January 28, 1984. Aweng and Ah Tang attended the award ceremony together. A Weng's left-hand side was Ah Tung wearing a white shirt and a black dress. He was followed by Xie Xian and Deborah. On the right hand, there was also Ren Dahua. The back row should be Shi Xiu. The award ceremony was organized by Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited and was usually held at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Hung Hom. TVB Jade Station was broadcast live (from 2008 onwards, the HD Jade Channel joined the symposium). The award ceremony has grown from being an important step since the 1980s to becoming an annual event. Music event.

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火眼金睛的、明察秋毫的、伟大[嘻嘻]的@潇湘翠竹26224240621惊人发现!这张照片是阿翁在 1984年1月28日举行的《1983年度十大劲歌金曲颁奖典礼》上的留影。阿翁与阿汤共同出席了颁奖礼,阿翁的左手边是穿着白衬衫黑礼服的阿汤,前面是谢贤和狄波拉,右手边还有任达华,后排应该是石修。颁奖礼由香港电视广播有限公司主办,通常在红磡香港体育馆举行,无綫电视翡翠台作现场直播(2008年起,高清翡翠台加入联播),该颁奖典礼从80年代至今一步步发展成为年度举足轻重的乐坛盛事。