1984.3.8 Aon flew alone to perform in Singapore, staged a performance at the Rishi Opera House, and made a song on the Singapore TV "Fun" column, "No Wild Flowers on the Roadside". On March 3, Weng Meiling returned from Singapore. At that time, Liao Anli and Medero all went to Singapore to perform, and Aon took a group photo with them. Aon’s singing songs include: "Iron Blood Dan", "Hello in the World", "The Condor Heroes", "Thirteen Girls", "Brave Chinese", "Walking the Road", "Under the Banyan Tree" ", Wanshui Qianshan always loves", "Love you one". I have Baidu. There are two versions of "Under the Banyan Tree". One is a Taiwanese classic song, and the other is a monk's Mandarin song. It is speculated that Aon should be the Taiwanese version.

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1984.3.8阿翁独自飞至新加坡演出,在丽士歌剧院登台演出,并且在新加坡电视台《缤纷》栏目录制了歌曲《路边的野花不要采》,3.19日翁美玲由新加坡返港。当时廖安丽和麦德罗都有到新加坡登台表演,阿翁和他们有合影。阿翁此次登台演唱歌曲有:《铁血丹心》、《世间始终你好》、《神雕侠侣》、《十三妹》、《勇敢的中国人》、《漫步人生路》、《榕树下》、《万水千山总是情》、《爱定你一个》。 我百度了一下《榕树下》有两个版本,一个是台湾经典歌曲,一个是甄妮的国语歌曲,推测阿翁应该是唱的台湾版本的。

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4293195661449009


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