Weng Meiling robbed in the dark, but it was the best of luck
It has been in the news for a while now.

It was rumoured that on the day she was robbed, reporters tried to contact her by all means, but she deliberately evaded the issue for a while, just because the details were not clear.
Fortunately, her suspicions were wrong, and apart from losing over $1,000 in cash and a watch, she was safe and sound.
"Who wouldn't be surprised when a woman is robbed in the middle of the night?
"Were they following you?"
"I was returning home from Tsim Sha Tsui when I noticed a car following me, but I thought it was a grease flyer who wanted to fight with me, so I ignored it. When I got back to Radio Road near my home, they stopped my car, one after the other. I never thought I'd run into them," he says, with a sense of humour.
"What did you do then?"
"I saw a man jump out of each of the two cars and they came towards my car.
"Did you ever think of running away?"
"They had a car in front and behind them, and I was only a girl, so it would have been worse to run away. She had a point.
"Aren't you worried that they're going to rob you for something other than money?"
"The first thing I thought when I saw them was that they were after money, and as long as I didn't resist, I should be fine.
"What if they make further moves?"
"I don't know, but it was only for a few minutes because I rang a car horn and soon the watchmen arrived.
At the watchman's insistence, she went to the police station to report the incident and take a statement, and the police later recovered one of the cars according to the licence plate she remembered.
"I don't intend to pursue the matter at all, but I'm lucky that I only lost a thousand dollars in that case.
It was around three o'clock at night when Ah Weng was robbed.
It is unusual for an ordinary girl to be out on the street at this time of night, but for a girl who works irregular hours, it is not unusual for her to return home late at night to rest.




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