Weng Meiling was black, but it was a misfortune.
Weng Meiling was robbed at midnight and became a recent news.

In particular, when the Aon was robbed, the reporter had tried every means to contact her. However, at that time, Aon deliberately avoided it. It was because of the unclear details that it was even more worrying. If Aon was robbed, would there be even more unbearable accidents?
Fortunately, the guess is wrong. In addition to the loss of cash and a watch on the money, Aon is safe and sound!
"I was also shocked at the time," a woman who was robbed late at night, who would not be surprised.
"They are always following you?"
"I returned home from Tsim Sha Tsui and I always noticed that there was a car following me. But I only thought that it was the grease that flew with me, so I didn't care. I know that there is more than one that tracks me. It is two cars. Before returning to the radio door near the door, they stopped my car one after the other. This kind of scene was much more visible in foreign films. I didn't expect to encounter it." The shock is determined, Aon still has some points. sense of humor.
"What do you do then?"
"At the time, I was anxious and I rang the long car number for the first time. Then I saw two men jumping down and down a man. They got off the car and came to my car. When I knew what happened, I was surprisingly self-consciously taking out my handbags and watches for them. Now I think about it, and I don’t know why I had such a reaction at the time."
"Have you ever thought about running away?"
"It is impossible to escape. They have a car before and after, and I only have one girl. If I escape, it is even more unimaginable." Her thoughts are not without reason.
"Do you have any other purpose than worrying about their robbery?"
"I have never thought of this problem. I think they are the first one to think that they are fortune. As long as I don't resist, it should be fine."
"What if you have further action?"
"I don't know, but it was only a few minutes at that time. Because I used to ring a number of cars before, I quickly noticed it. They saw it more and more. After taking the handbag, they hurried away. "
Under the insistence, Weng Meiling went to the police station to report the case and recorded a confession. Afterwards, the police also found a lost car according to the license plate of one of the cars that Aon remembered.
"I didn't intend to pursue it at all. This time it was a financial disaster. My friends said that in that case, I only lost a thousand yuan and nothing. It is a blessing!"
Aon’s robbery was at three o'clock in the middle of the night. Originally an ordinary girl was still on the street at this time.
It is very abnormal, but for her, who is not fixed in working hours, it is normal to go home late at night, but she just happened to be in black!

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