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On November 24, 1984, the wireless TV station held a staff Taiqing party in the Haicheng Restaurant, and Aon and Atang also joined the party. Aon didn't mark Taiqing in front of the clothes, but instead of hanging on the back of the chair.

On the 26th, Ta Kung Pao reported on the party as follows:

"Wireless" held a staff celebration party last night and awarded the "Employee Service Award" gold medal for ten years. The gold medal is about one or two, worth more than 3,000 yuan.
The artist who is qualified to receive the gold medal is one of them. In addition, there are also Jenny, Huang Xin, Deng Yingmin, Wu Mengda, Luo Guoxiong and so on.
The hairpin said beforehand that he would break the inside story on the night of the award. When he took the stage to receive the award the night before, he really said something. He sent a message to the new master and sister, not to lose temper to the assistant choreographer. He said that it is very unfair for everyone to work hard on "wireless" work, long working hours and be tempted by others.
Lu Dawei was the master of the night. After listening to the haircut, he also laughed at the stage. He said that he often lost his temper in "Happy Jolly" and said that he would not do this again. If it happens again, he will help. We can take care of him at any time.
It may be true that Fa Zi and Lu Dawei’s "speaking words" are actually sentimental. In fact, both the hair and Lu Dawei’s traditional work attitudes are very serious. This is obvious to all. If the temper of the brothers and sisters is really the same, It should be restricted. This circle, the length of the popular time, is not guaranteed by anyone, but with pride and arrogance, the days of "playing" are certainly not far away.
The evening's party was lively, but there was an episode that led to the general manager Chen Qingxiang being nervous. At that time, Huang Yuncai sang on the stage. Someone at the stage waved with a towel to show his help. Maybe he was too happy to play. The towel was thrown and thrown. Later, when the dessert was on the table, some people used the cake. Throwing people, some of them were thrown to the board of directors, and some directors also made a move. Chen Qingxiang was dignified on the spot and immediately stood up and gestured to Lu Dawei’s speech. Lu immediately said in front of the microphone that everyone should play, but not too much.
Later, Chen Qingxiang accepted the interview and was asked about the night. He said that the occasion should be played, but not too much. Asked if he has a director, he laughs and does not answer.





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