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This series of photos taken by the Wuhu Residence Yacht Club is also a favorite series of magazines and has been used many times by many magazines.

Barbara is still wearing makeup on the wireless station. Wearing a white sleek top that she wore many times, she tied her hair from the side with a diamond-encrusted silver hair accessory and wore an emerald cross and a golden heart necklace. The photos could not see the trousers and shoes, but the guess was white trousers and white-pink blue-tone flats.

In the white sleek top, a blue collarless casual suit with multiple wears was added, which was signed by the fans on the wireless station.

I came to the shooting place of the Penghu Yacht Club and first took this photo.

The hair accessories on the side of the horsetail were replaced with a blue-and-white hair band, and the emerald cross was removed and replaced with a blue sports top.

The loose hair of the lower half is simply tied up to form two upper and lower horsetails.

The top is replaced with a pink sportswear, and the bottom is replaced with pink sweatpants. The hair that was tied up in the lower half was spread again.

Remove the side ponytail hair band and turn it into a shawl.

The last shape, the top is replaced by a pink, shoulderless openwork knit short sleeve, and a pink flower hairpin is placed on the ground behind it. It should be done with a hairpin, but it is not used.












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