Beautiful series of studios photos shot by famous photographer Liang Haiping mid-July 1983.

The first serie, with large silver earrings with red beads, a simple gold necklace, delicate big wavy hair and a white sleeved top with a jacket at the shoulder.

The second serie, triangular earrings, was unusual in that Weng Meiling wore only a single earring in her right ear, a gold ring on her left pink, a black watch and gold bracelet on her wrist, and a strapless grey checkered top.

For the third serie, she changed into a red striped top with the same style of shorts. As you can see from the photo on the left, the left half of Weng Meilings hair was not easy to handle when she had a curly perm, so it was necessary to find an angle for the photo. This problem was solved when Weng Meiling wore her hair straight.

For the fourth serie, she wore her hair in a side braid. This is surprisingly the only photo of Weng Meiling in red with the side braid so far.

For the fifth serie, one of the leather bands in the middle of the braid was removed and replaced with a white strapless jumper, a brick yellow waistcoat and a yellow straw hat.

The last look is not really the sixth serie, but it's just that Weng Meiling has another pair of sunglasses in her hand.













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