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"Yu Lang TV" report 285, published on March 8, 1983

        Weng Meiling's eye injury recovered and continued to play for the drama "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". The left eye corner was obviously sewed five stitches, but through the cover of the makeup, the appearance was not conspicuous, this time I escaped the disaster and did not change. Into "one-eyed Huang Rong", Weng Meiling also claimed that she still has to fall, and later to take martial arts scenes, but also to be more careful.
        Weng Meiling’s Qiao Huangrong’s performance is waiting for the audience to criticize and comment, but it is undeniable that her aura of resilience has made her a charming and charming person. If she was injured by the flying sword on the same day, she not only regretted her for a lifetime. We can no longer appreciate her other window of soul.
     Probably a preconceived psychology, the audience always likes to compare her with Mi Xue. Her own opinion is, "I haven't seen Michelle's "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", so I don't know if my performance of '黄蓉' can match. Going to her, but I have tried my best to play this role, and I hope the audience will accept it."
The next episode of Huang Rong may be easy to corner
        Wang Tianlin’s opinion on Weng Meiling is such a view. “She has tried her best to make the script requirements and gradually let herself enter the show. As far as I am concerned, the ‘Huang Rong’ of the 70% original novel is not too demanding for a newcomer.”
        When the "God of the Condor Heroes" started shooting, will the middle-aged "Huang Rong" role candidate be played by her? This is an unknown number. Xiao Yu thinks that she is too young and childish, and she may not be able to do it at that stage.
        Weng Meiling still has confidence in herself, although she also self-identified, "The company only notified me to shoot "The Eagle Shooting", even if I don't feel surprised by the "God of the Gods", of course, I am also prepared to continue to play. Middle-aged 'Huangrong'."
In the same year, he likes petite
        It is not too light to say that Weng Meiling is too young. This year is just four years old. In the same year as Tang Zhenye, it is quite coincidental. The women pursued by Xiaotang are petite and delicate, and he has a sweet smile, although he often does her "wood "Kof", picking up her to go out and make a film in Jiancheng, but she still doesn't admit that she is better with Xiaotang. Even though she brought soup to her condolences during her hospital stay, she still took it seriously: "We are not a drag, just an ordinary colleague. !"
        The impression of Xiaotang is that he looks very childish, but he is very quiet. When he is happy, he only smiles with a cheerful smile. He is a full-fledged rationalist. You don't want to imagine her ecstatic.
        Xiaotang’s view on her is that she is very enthusiastic and open-minded, and she is actively seeking for progress, and she has a reluctant side.
Foreign temper
        Weng Meiling grew up in the UK and was exposed to the open style of foreigners. But she said that it is better to pick Chinese objects as Chinese people, and men with books are also good. They should be a pair of great progress, but they are People avoid this problem before.
        After several rounds of questioning, she finally self-disciplined. "At present, my performance career is still at the starting point. Since I have the opportunity to let me know, I will not let go. Some emotional problems make me trouble, but I just remember to hang the show. Everything else goes with the flow."
        There are many wireless artists, and the fierce competition is imaginable. During the "Beat" period, there is no distraction. Besides, the scandal has no benefit to the female artist. This little soup also understands that he has tasted two love affair, he does not It’s easy to open up your own love, and there’s already a tacit understanding in mind. Everything is in the air.
        Silent victory?

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翁美玲的俏黄蓉演得如何,有待观众俾意见批评, 但无可否认,她那富有灵气的双眸,为她凭添份妩媚俊俏,假使当日被飞剑伤中眼球,不单只令她遗憾一辈子,我们也不可以再欣赏她的另一扇灵魂之窗。


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