Weng Meiling analyzes the details reflected in Aon’s book (8)
The letter sent by 1982.10.19 mentioned: "First of all, please don't blame the draft again, okay? Really, I didn't expect it to make you unhappy at the beginning. The past is past, the former childish I may be wrong with you, but now it is big, of course, no longer remember anything, just remember that story, not to mention that you have been taking care of us for so many years, do not respect your love for me? Please do not I blame me for these little things! I can only blame me for losing my heart, I hope I can forgive you, you are still a lovely one! I can't find a second one like you in my life!" This is an interview that is so angry. Unfortunately, I have never seen a big picture. I don’t know what I wrote in the article.

翁美玲 分析阿翁的家书中反映的细节(八)

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