Weng Meiling analyzes the details reflected in Aon’s book (4)
The letter sent by 1982.8.12 mentioned: "I will go to the audition tomorrow, I may be sent to make a costume film. I hope that the audition will be successful. Because I hate doing costumes and hate fever, this drama is wireless. ), the last attempt (youth drama) was not allowed to shoot due to image problems." Wireless August 11 selected Weng Meiling, Liang Yunrui, Hong Kong sister and Liu Hongwei, the three newcomers who just graduated from the artist training class. The Eagle Heroes made an audition. The estimated letter was written on August 10 and sent out two days later, so there was an error in time.

翁美玲 分析阿翁的家书中反映的细节(四)

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